SP0175: Mobile Chicken Coop Renovations

Status: COMPLETED November 2017 - October 2019

The Mobile Chicken Coop Renovations project seeks to improve the existing Macdonald Campus mobile chicken coop. This project aims to: implement and be an example of sustainable building design; reduce energy and water inputs for egg production; improve the health of the chickens and increase egg production; and be a leading example of passive solar heating and rainwater collection for students on campus. 

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The Mobile Chicken Coop on Macdonald Campus has been producing free-range eggs for students and professors since its inception in 2014. The coop provides local free-range eggs for students and professors around campus, as well as educates students and grows a sense of community at Macdonald campus. This project was designed to provide students with hands-on learning experiences in egg farming and fills a gap in local produce options. 

This Mobile Chicken Coop Renovations project seeks to improve the current chicken coops by installing passive solar heating, improved ventilation, a rainwater collection and distribution system, and by painting the inside of the coop to facilitate cleaning. 35 hens will be bought in the spring along with feed and bedding to last the spring and summer. This project will ensure the continued operation of the coop, and will establish a demonstrable example of sustainable building design for the Macdonald campus community

Funds from the SPF will be used to purchase all tools, equipment, supplies and hens. 


laura.kennedy [at] mail.mcgill.ca (Laura Kennedy)

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