SPF: Connectivity

SP0272: Dent am communauté

Status: ONGOING April 2021 -    The purpose of the Dent ma communauté project is to :

SP0255: Climate & Sustainability Strategy Renderings

Status: COMPLETED July 2020 - December 2020 The production of 10 conceptual renderings that will imagine and visualize the future of sustainability on campus.


Status: COMPLETE May 2020 - April 2021...

SP0245: Wong Community Gardens

Status: ONGOING March 2020 -    A new garden space for students, faculty, and staff members by the MH Wong Building.

SP0246: Green Wall Rejuvenation

Status: ONGOING April 2020 -    Rejuvenation project on a green wall originally installed in 2013, now in need of deep cleaning and new plants.

SP0244: Solin Hall Green Roof

Status: ONGOING March 2020 -    A student-accessible green roof project on the Annex at Solin Hall


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