McGill Net Positive: strength, and synergy, in numbers


A professor at the McGill School of Environment and the Department of Natural Resource Sciences, Elena Bennett, spends much of her research time looking at the ways ecosystems interact and provide multiple services for people.

Published on January 21 2014 | McGill Reporter
Written by Neale Devitt 

In that regard, she seems perfectly suited to spearhead the fledgling McGill Net Positive initiative, which is looking at ways to gather together many of the University’s diverse sustainability efforts under one roof in order to benefit from the synergy created by being part of the same, well, ecosystem.

“There are so many great initiatives happening at McGill in terms of sustainability that really span everything” said Bennett. “There are dozens of courses – if not more – that address sustainability; sustainability-driven research and teaching; the McGill School of Environment, the Office of Sustainability; and any number of sustainability actions happening on campus, like getting rid of cars on the downtown campus. But everything is kind of happening on it’s own,” she continued. “It takes so much work to get one of these initiatives going, we just feel they would be able to feed off of each other more if there was a central space that housed all things sustainability.”

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