Microgreens: Grow fast, eat young

Pictured above: Greenhouse production of sunflower microgreens in biodegradable containers.

By David Wees, agr., Faculty Lecturer, Farm Management & Technology Program and Dept. of Plant Science, FAES

Published: 2 May 2024

Mac students inspire next-gen scientists at John Abbott Sustainability Through Science Symposium 

Pictured (from left to right): McGill/Mac representatives Ingrid Chiraz and Andrew Churchill; grad students: Jasmine Muszik, Mehtab Singh, Aylish Marshall; JAC representatives Sean Hughes and Karim Jaffer

By Kathy MacLean

Published: 2 May 2024

McGill cleantech project selected as “Innovations for the Future” by Axelys

Team chosen as part of a cohort of 10 projects identified by Axelys, a Quebec-based non-profit organization helping to accelerate innovation stemming from public research, for their high potential after a thorough 6-month review by an independent board

Email address:
Published: 18 Apr 2024

Green Hydrogen: avoiding pitfalls to unlock its potential for Canadian industries

Date: April 10, 2024 | Time: 3:00 PM | Location: The McGill Faculty Club: 3450 McTavish Street | Free Event

Join the Trottier Family Foundation and TISED for an upcoming panel discussion where we explore the role and potential of green hydrogen in Canada's decarbonization strategy.  With perspectives from public, private, academic, and non-profit stakeholders we help to identify the sectors to prioritize, the main roadblocks ahead, and the resources and actions needed to effectively

Published: 21 Mar 2024

From coursework to conservation: how students brought the pollination meadow project to life

It's not every day that a university assignment transforms into a real-world conservation initiative. Yet, that's precisely what happened with the Macdonald Campus Pollination Meadow project. What began as coursework evolved into an ecological marvel, all thanks to the hard work and vision of a group of Macdonald students led by Alex Kuijper Dickson BEng’23 (Bioresource) and Heather Brown BSc(AgEnvSc)’24.

Published: 29 Nov 2023

Interdisciplinary collaboration key for sustainability-focused curriculum redesign program

The team of experts behind McGill’s Sustainability Education Fellows reflects on the challenges and successes of the program’s first year.

Published: 16 Aug 2023

Newly certified sustainable workplaces at McGill: Summer 2023

Improving accessibility, rethinking old habits, and hosting a clothing swap were among the actions taken by new and returning sustainably certified workplaces.

Published: 15 Aug 2023

How do we maintain momentum as students graduate?

Outgoing Office of Sustainability Communications Intern Maya Willard-Stepan and her peers reflect on the challenges of building a sustainability movement on campus despite high student turnover.

As summer approaches, another cohort of McGillians prepare to make their way across the convocation stage, and thousands of students who have been involved in sustainability projects on campus head out into the world.

Published: 31 May 2023

Newly certified sustainable workplaces at McGill: Spring 2023

Teamwork was a major motivator for many of the offices that joined the Sustainable Workplace Certification program this semester.\

It’s surprisingly easy. That was the most common takeaway for the 11 teams that joined the Sustainable Workplace Certification program this academic year.

Published: 31 May 2023

Sustainable Sparks: Stephanie Leite on learning for the future

How do we encourage respirology residents to consider climate change when they develop treatment plans? What tools do future elementary school teachers need to bring environmental education into their classrooms? What latest advancements in synthetic biology could help students develop solutions to real-world sustainability issues?

Published: 25 May 2023

Sustainability in research: Six McGill labs receive My Green Lab certification

As McGill prepares to launch its own sustainable lab certification program, six research teams tested the waters to see what it takes to go green.

Published: 18 May 2023

Newly certified sustainable workplaces at McGill: Winter 2023

Five offices across disciplines and campuses embrace sustainability at work and beyond through the Sustainable Workplace Certification program

What motivates sustainable change?

Published: 17 May 2023

McGill receives government recognition for waste management practices

The ICI on recycle + program highlights organizations across Quebec committed to improving their waste sorting and reduction efforts

McGill is one of two Quebec universities to receive recognition from the provincial government for its waste management practices. RECYC-QUÉBEC, the branch responsible for sustainable waste management, recently awarded McGill’s downtown campus the Performance certification level of its ICI on recycle + program.

Published: 16 May 2023

Sustainability in research: The Nuclear Magnetic Resonance lab on finding creative solutions

Helium is probably not the first thing that comes to mind for most people when they think about recycling – unless they’re experimental chemists working in McGill’s Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) facilities.

Published: 16 Mar 2023


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