Start an ASR Project

Applied student research (ASR) projects are not all created in the same way. At McGill, past applied student research projects have been sparked by some combination of students, staff, faculty, and community members.

The flexibility of the ASR model allows all members of the university to identify and act upon targeted needs on campus. Students, staff, and faculty can all take the lead role and initiate an ASR project, institutionalizing meaningful change in the campus community.

Whether you are a student, faculty member, or staff member, there are many ways you can get closer to starting your project:

  1. View a quick video on how to do ASR

  2. View the ASR Technical Toolkit for a comprehensive overview of the ASR process, instructions, resources, and tips

  3. Search for Applied Learning Opportunities on the Living Lab Wiki

  4. Explore the Living Lab Database to see final reports of past ASR projects

  5. Explore the Living Lab Wiki's Faculty page that lists all professors interested in sustainability related research and ASR

  6. Consider applying for the ASR Grant to support your project here

  7. Consider contacting an expert on the Living Lab Wiki's Topic Experts List to consult for expertise regarding McGill systems here


Can MxP help?

The M(x)P is a collaboration between four McGill project groups that facilitate ASR projects under specialized topics. Through their networking experience and specialized resources, M(x)P creates the connections between students, staff and professors which make ASR a reality.

energyproject [at] (McGill Energy Project) mcgill.foodsystems.project [at] (McGill Food Systems Project) McGill Waste Project McGill Spaces Project

Each of these groups work on ASR within their expertise and sometimes partner to enable more ambitious and interdisciplinary projects. If you need help putting together your ASR project, are looking to get involved, or simply want to find out more about ASR, the M(x)P will be more than willing to help. 

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