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Carbon pricing with a practical Canadian twist

The Globe and Mail | April 7, 2015

By: Chirstopher Ragan

On Tuesday, Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission (which I chair) released a new report, The Way Forward, with specific recommendations for how Canadians can make real progress in reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). 

Published: 9 Apr 2015

Feeding the body, nourishing the soul

The McGill Reporter | April 2, 2015

by: Neale McDevitt

Established in 2007, the Edible Campus garden – which does the impossible every year by making the concrete plaza surrounding Burnside Hall bloom with fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers – is an oasis for many McGillians who gather there to read, relax and recharge amidst nature’s beauty.

Published: 9 Apr 2015

Forest fragmentation leads to species die-off that lasts decades: study

CTV News | March 20, 2015

Cutting up forests into ever-smaller bits starts a die-off of species that lasts decades -- an "extinction debt" incurred today and paid by future generations, says a study on forest fragmentation.

Published: 23 Mar 2015

Outside the box: Reclaiming our streets as places to live, not just drive

The Ottawa Citizen | Mar 12, 2015

by: Avi Freidman

Are asphalt roads and sidewalks in neighbourhoods really needed?

Published: 22 Mar 2015

Catherine Potvin - Dialogues for a Greener Canada

Science News | March 18, 2015

by: Lesley Evans Ogden

A group of prominent Canadian academics is trying to change the dynamic by releasing its own set of climate policy recommendations for the nation.

Published: 22 Mar 2015

Complete shift to renewable energy within Canada’s reach, academics say

The Globe and Mail | March 18, 2015

by: Ivan Semeniuk & Shawn McCarthy

Canada could shift entirely to renewable sources of electricity by 2035 and eliminate 80 per cent of its greenhouse gas emissions by mid-century, says a group of Canadian academics that is aiming to spur government action on climate change.

Published: 22 Mar 2015

'Cities We Need' conference highlights importance of municipal autonomy

The McGill Tribune | Feb. 24, 2015

by: Philippe Dumais

The McGill Institute for the Study of Canada (MISC) opened its 20th annual two-day conference on Feb. 19, focusing on the challenges cities across Canada face.  

Published: 6 Mar 2015

McGill Spaces Project holds second workshop on Brown Building redesign

The McGill Tribune | Feb. 24, 2015

by: Laura Hanrahan

Published: 6 Mar 2015

Montreal to create urban path linking river, mountain for 375th birthday

The Montreal Gazette | Feb 26, 2015

by: René Bruemmer

The city of Montreal presented its vision for a River to the Mountain urban walkway on Wednesday, linking two icons of the Montreal landscape along a pedestrian-friendly 3.8-kilometre stretch flowing along the city’s streets. 

Published: 6 Mar 2015

Invasive species pose serious threat to health of the Great Lakes

The McGill Reporter | Feb. 3, 2015

By: Melody Enguix

New study from scientists at McGill shows the vulnerability of the basin to future invaders – and calls for regulations to mitigate this threat.

Published: 12 Feb 2015

Integrating social equity into urban transportation planning: A critical evaluation of equity objectives and measures in transportation plans in North America

Science Direct | January 2015

By: Kevin Manaugh

“Almost all [cities involved] have wide goals about how the infrastructure should be equitably distributed, but then nothing is really measured, because there isn’t a clear target for performance measure for many plans.” - Kevin Manaugh

Read the full story here.

Published: 3 Feb 2015

Systems crucial to stability of planet compromised

McGill Newsroom | January 15, 2015

Almost half of the processes that are crucial to maintaining the stability of the planet have become dangerously compromised by human activity.

Published: 3 Feb 2015

McGill hosts annual Fair Trade Conference

McGill Reporter | Jan. 22, 2015

By: Galitt Araf

The three-day event brought together leaders from across the country committed to the advancement of Fair Trade, both on a small scale and globally. 

Published: 26 Jan 2015

Reimagining housing for the poor and cities without cars

The Vancouver Sun | Jan. 25, 2015

By: Daphne Bramham

McGill architecture professor Vikram Bhatt, winner of the Margolese National Living Design Prize from UBC, thinks people should live where they can grow some of their own food.

Published: 26 Jan 2015

ECOLE sustainable housing project gains Independent Student Group status

Jan. 13, 2015 | The McGill Tribune

by: Ashley Kong

Educational Community Living Environment (ECOLE), a sustainability initiative, gained Independent Student Group (ISG) status on Dec. 4 during the Students’ Society of McGill University (SSMU) Legislative Council meeting. 

Published: 16 Jan 2015


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