Four Burning Questions for John Robinson, Associate Provost, Sustainability at UBC


John Robinson is the Associate Provost, Sustainability at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and is a professor with UBC’s Institute for Resources, Environment & Sustainability and Department of Geography.

Published on January 21 | McGill Reporter

Robinson is responsible for leading the integration of academic and operational sustainability on UBC’s Vancouver campus. In that capacity, he directs the UBC Sustainability Initiative (USI) and provides leadership for UBC’s academic, research and operational activities and programs in sustainability. He also represents UBC’s sustainability activities to the broader local and international community.

Robinson’s research focuses on the intersection of climate change mitigation, adaptation and sustainability; sustainable buildings and urban design; the use of visualization, modelling, and citizen engagement to explore sustainable futures; creating partnerships for sustainability with the private, public, non-governmental and research sectors; and, generally, the intersection of sustainability, social and technological change, behaviour change, and community engagement processes.

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