The Catalyst Awards

Students, staff and faculty at 2017 Catalyst awards reception inside McCord Museum

The Catalyst Awards for Sustainability, held each spring, recognize students, staff, and faculty who have made meaningful and enduring contributions to the sustainability movement at McGill University.

Three awards celebrate group efforts that align with at least one of the five categories outlined in McGill’s Vision 2020 Sustainability Strategy, while three individual awards recognize the personal achievements of students, staff, and faculty.

Please note that the 10th Catalyst Awards for Sustainability have been postponed until further notice.


Emerald Key Award: This award recognizes a student who has made significant and lasting contributions in furthering McGill’s culture of sustainability.

Distinguished Contribution Award: This award recognizes a McGill administrative, support and/or academic staff who has made a profound and sustained contribution to advancing sustainability in the McGill community. It may be awarded to current or retired employees, or it can be awarded posthumously. The individual must also have contributed to the University for a minimum of 10 years.

Faculty & Staff Award: This award recognizes a McGill administrative, support and/or academic staff who has inspired real change on McGill's campuses, increasing the sustainability of the University.

Connectivity, Governance & Administration Award: This award recognizes initiatives that emphasize the need for strong connections, within both McGill and its broader communities, and/or address how the University is managed in terms of people, finance, decision-making, and process implementation.

Operations Award: This award recognizes initiatives that work to improve the sustainability of the physical activities that support the ongoing functioning of the University.

Research & Education Award: This award recognizes an initiative that encompasses original research from the McGill community, and/or focuses on student, staff, faculty, and institutional learning.

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