International Students!
Please ensure you meet the requirements for working on campus and have a Social Insurance Number.

Finding summer work

Students are expected to work during the summer months to save for the upcoming academic year. Work Study authorization usually includes the summer term provided you are not scheduled to graduate at the end of the current academic year.

Extending your Work Study authorization

If you are approved for the Fall and/or Winter terms and are not scheduled to graduate, you may email the Work Study team to inquire about extending your current Work Study authorization to include the Summer term.

Help finding work

If you need help finding other work opportunities or designing a CV, visit theĀ Career and Planning Services Office (CaPS).

Summer savings tips

Be financially savvy: Learn how to maximize summer earnings by consulting our section on Money Management (the Frugal Scholar Program).

Sublet your apartment: Saving money during the summer can be difficult if you have to pay rent for your Montreal apartment. If you return home for the summer, try finding someone to sublet your apartment in Montreal to off-set this expense. Help is available at theĀ Off Campus Housing Office.

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