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Be sure to check your In-Course Aid application often to look for online instructions or decisions.

International Students!
Please ensure you meet the requirements for working on campus and have a Social Insurance Number.


Acceptance to the Work Study program is based primarily on financial need.

To be considered for Work Study, you must:

  • have applied for and be receiving the maximum government aid for which you are eligible (for Indigenous students, Band Council funding is accepted)
  • Be registered full-time in a degree program. Exceptions are manually granted when students are ‘deemed full-time’, for example, due to a documented disability requiring academic accommodation as confirmed by the Student Accessibility & Achievement.
  • be in satisfactory academic standing
  • demonstrate financial need

Special, Visiting, Qualifying, Non-thesis extension (less than 12 credits), Continuing Education, Diploma, Certificate, and Private Program students (i.e. Master of Management, Master of Business Administration and Master of Public Policy) students are not eligible.

International students who have provided proof of financial capacity to immigration authorities in order to receive their study permit are generally not eligible for consideration in their first 12 months of study, with the exception of newly admitted undergraduate students who have been offered an Entrance Bursary awarded by the Scholarships and Student Aid Office.

The time between course completion at the end of a term and the official graduation date is not considered.

How to apply

If you meet these criteria, find out how to apply.

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