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Mobility Bursary for Exchanges

The University encourages students to study abroad as part of their McGill undergraduate degree program by defraying part of the cost of eligible study abroad activities. We recognize that the additional costs of going on an exchange may be difficult for some students to assume on their own. Thanks to the Quebec government’s Programme de mobilité international et de courts séjours à l’extérieur du Québec (PMICSE), McGill is able to help defray these costs for students who otherwise could not afford to participate. To be considered, students must apply using the Mobility for Exchanges Financial Aid application in Minerva by the prescribed deadlines.

The Scholarships and Student Aid Office administers the Mobility Bursary for Exchanges Program. The application is available to any undergraduate student approved for an eligible exchange semester abroad. Eligible exchanges are where a McGill student studies at one of our partner universities while earning credit at and paying tuition to McGill. Priority is given to students who rely on government student aid, and/or Indigenous Band funding, and/or are recipients of aid from McGill’s own Bursary & Loan Program as part of their core funding. Due to the high cost of travel, the previous receipt of aid is not the only factor in demonstrating financial need.

To help students plan their exchanges as early as possible, the Mobility Bursary for Exchanges application will be available in Minerva as indicated in the table below.

Minimum guaranteed financial aid for Exchanges 2024-2025! The Scholarships and Student Aid office guarantees that any student who is receiving maximum (North American) government student financial assistance* and/or McGill bursaries/loans, and/or Indigenous Band Funding for their normal costs of attendance will receive a minimum of $3000/term if they apply for the Mobility Bursary for Exchanges.

*This does not include Québec's Bourse Perspective scholarship.


The Mobility Bursary for Exchanges is for undergraduate students who:

  • are approved for an exchange semester(s) abroad (where you study at one of McGill’s partner universities while earning credits and paying tuition to McGill)
  • demonstrate financial need according to the guidelines

Due to the high costs of travel, receipt of government aid is not the only factor in demonstrating financial need.

Award amount

The value of the award depends on various factors, including:

  • Number of approved applications, level of funding available and the relative financial need of each applicant.
  • Location of the study abroad program
  • Duration of the study abroad program
  • Students who are granted a bursary can expect a value between $750 and $1500 per month of exchange. Unfortunately, some applicants may not receive a bursary due to limited funding.

How to apply

Students can apply on Minerva:

  1. Go to the Financial Aid/Awards tab
  2. Select the Financial Aid Menu
  3. Select Apply for McGill Financial Aid and
  4. Click Apply next to the Mobility for Exchanges Financial Aid
  5. Click Update your Financial Aid Profile
  6. Submit your application
  7. Complete the Resources and Budget section of the in-course aid application based on your regular cost of attendance, excluding the expenses associated to the exchange. You may provide these details in the Special Circumstances section of the application.

You do not need to book an appointment with a Student Aid Counsellor. Your application will be assessed online, so it is essential to clearly and accurately include all relevant information.

When to apply

Be prepared to apply within the application's open and close dates indicated below.

Late applications will not be accepted (no exceptions!).

Approved exchange term: Bursary Applications open: Bursary Applications close: Results (on Minerva) by:

Fall 2024 and

Full-year (Fall 2024 & Winter 2025)

March 1, 2024*

March 29, 2024

April 26, 2024

Full-year (Fall 2024 & Winter 2025) and Winter 2025

August 8, 2024

September 9, 2024

October 7, 2024

*Note: Students from the Faculty of Law who are participating in the Winter exchange may apply during March.

More information

The McGill Abroad website has more information on:

Have questions?

If you have questions about the Exchange Program you can email studentexchanges [at] mcgill.ca (Service Point).

For questions about the Mobility Bursary for Exchanges, email student.aid [at] mcgill.ca (Scholarships and Student Aid).

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