Funding for students with disabilities

Information about funding for students with disabilities and assistance with applications is available through the Office for Students with Disabilities (OSD). It is recommended that students make an appointment with an OSD advisor to find out how to best have their needs addressed.

It is important to note that all programs administered by the Scholarships & Student Aid office (entrance scholarships, entrance bursaries and in-course financial aid) are open to all students, including those who carry a reduced course load due to reasons related to their disability. Students must be registered with the Office of Students with Disabilities who will confirm the equivalent of a full-time course load due to a documented disability requiring academic accommodation. Students provide authorization as part of their accommodation plan for OSD to disclose their registration status for the purposes of scholarships and awards.

For a list of awards and scholarships for students with disabilities studying at Canada's universities, please visit This valuable resource provides information on various funding opportunities according to province, educational institution (McGill included), as well as specific disability.

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