Private loans

A private student loan is a non-governmental loan offered by a third-party lender specifically for post-secondary educational expenses. Students are strongly encouraged to pursue the availability of government student financial assistance options first and to be a savvy consumer in terms of weighing lending options in regards to amounts, whether a co-signer is required, interest rates and repayment plans.

For American Students, please see our Alternative U.S. Loans page including Sallie Mae, Earnest, NJClass Loan (New Jersey), VSAC Advantage Loan (Vermont), RISLA (Rhode Island).

For international students in certain ‘terminal’ masters programs

Prodigy Finance

Prodigy Finance offers non-cosigner loans funded by their high-powered network of alumni, entrepreneurs and investors. Select “McGill” in their school search to find all eligible programs including in Management, Engineering, Law and Science.

For Citizens, long term refugees or holder of resident permit of France:


Infinite is dedicated to providing interest-free loans up to 45000 Euros to underprivileged students, without a guarantor. Applications are open exclusively to students from disadvantaged or modest backgrounds who have great potential to become tomorrow’s changemakers. For more information and application, see Infinite.

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