2SLGBTQIA+ Emergency Bursary

A new bursary was introduced as of 2023/24, dedicated to 2SLGBTQIA+ students, to address emerging needs and barriers with with priority to Transgender, Two-Spirit and Non-Binary students. This need-based assistance is to help students address:

  • Emergency costs associated with homophobia and transphobia (safe housing, legal, medical, dental, mobility equipment and supplies, etc.),
  • Medical costs associated with gender affirmation (hormone replacement therapy, injection services, prescription, therapy/gender counselling, voice/speech therapy, etc),
  • Costs of supplies associated with gender affirmation (binders, shapewear, packers, etc),
  • Administrative costs associated with legal name/sex designation changes (application and reissuing for documents such as birth certificates, passports, drivers licenses, health cards, debit and credit cards, etc.)

Student eligibility

To be considered for this bursary, you must:

  • Self-identify as a member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community
  • Be enrolled in a Bachelor, Masters or PhD degree at the University
  • Be registered full-time, or be ‘deemed full-time’ due to a documented disability requiring academic accommodation as confirmed by Student Accessibility & Achievement, or as recognized by government aid programs due to young dependent child(ren).
  • be in satisfactory academic standing
  • Demonstrate financial need for your standard costs of attendance. This typically means that:

When to apply

Applications can be submitted at any time in the academic year as need arises.

How to apply

  1. Log in to Minerva and click on the following:
    1. Financial Aid/Awards tab
    2. Financial Aid Menu
    3. Apply for McGill Financial Aid
    4. Apply next to In-Course Financial Aid
    5. Update your Financial Aid Profile and complete the form—please identify your 2SLGBTQIA+ related hardships/costs in the ‘special circumstances’ section
    6. Submit
  2. Go back to your app’ frequently! Important instructions and/or online decisions will be added to your application. An appointment may or may not be required. Visit our important information for students applying for in-course financial aid page for more details. During this meeting, not only will you have an opportunity to discuss your budget, but you will also have your in-course application reviewed in detail. Find out how you can optimize your financial aid appointment.

Decision times

The decision is posted on the Financial Aid/Awards tab on Minerva, usually within one week of your appointment, sooner in response to an emergency situation. You are alerted by email once the aid is processed.

It is your responsibility to read and act upon this information in a timely fashion. Awardees are encouraged to pay special attention to the email as it contains important information about the award.

Payment methods

Payment methods are determined by the Financial Aid Counsellor and are based on the applicant’s financial situation. Accordingly, award payments may be disbursed:

  • to a student’s fee account in one sum or divided up by semester
  • to the student by direct deposit* to assist with living or special expenses
  • as a payment towards a McGill student loan

*Students must set up Direct Deposit Banking with a Canadian banking institution via Minerva. Please ensure all banking information is entered correctly. Student Accounts will issue an administrative fine for transactions returned to the University due to faulty banking information.

Other financial aid services

Scholarships and Student Aid also offers these aid-related services:


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