Exchange Process: Plan and Prepare

Outgoing Exchange allows McGill students to complete a semester or a year of study at a partner university. You’ll get to explore, learn and grow abroad, all while earning credit toward your McGill degree, and paying your usual McGill tuition.



Plan ahead! You’ll be initiating the exchange application process in the academic year preceding your intended exchange year. The best exchange experience is the one that reflects your academic goals, personal interests and career aspirations. It’s your responsibility to drive your exchange forward by keeping track of and completing the deadlines described below.

8 Steps to Going on Exchange

Familiarize yourself with the exchange eligibility criteria (as of September)

Choose your destination (September - December)

Apply for an exchange through Minerva (November 15 – January 15)

Accept your nomination (early February)

Apply for admission to host institution (March-November)

Finalize your exchange preparations (once you receive the letter of admission from host institution)