Photo of Celina Wanchunwah, University of Queensland, Australia

Step 4: Apply for admission to your host university

After accepting your McGill exchange nomination, you'll be added to a special course in myCourses for students nominated for exchange. You will receive specific instructions for how to apply for admission to your host university from the Student Exchange Office – Service Point in the form of an “assignment” in myCourses (or from your Faculty for certain programs). Do not submit an application to your host university until you receive these instructions as they include vital additional details on academic requirements, deadlines, and supporting documents.

You will receive instructions on how to apply to your host university:

  • between February and May for Fall term or full year exchange.  
  • between August and November for a Winter term exchange.

Remember to apply for the term for which you have been nominated. It is not possible to delay or extend your exchange without reapplying to the McGill exchange program during the next round of applications.

It is your responsibility to submit your application for admission to your host university correctly and on time, failure to do so may result in exchange cancellation.

After you have submitted your application

Host universities usually notify applicants of their admission decision within approximately 2-3 months of receiving a complete application.

Inform Student Exchanges - Service Point of the host university’s decision as soon as you receive it. If you are not accepted by the host university, contact Student Exchanges - Service Point to discuss your options.

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