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Frequently Asked Questions:

How can I continue my studies at McGill?
If you would like to continue a program you withdrew from you must apply for readmission in Minerva. If you already completed your degree at McGill and would like to apply for another, you should apply for admission by creating a new application.

How can I obtain proof that I studied at McGill?
You can print a proof of enrolment letter from Minerva to demonstrate your graduation or order an official copy of your McGill transcript. Alternatively you can order a certified copy of their diploma

How can I order a transcript?

Official e-transcripts can be ordered through Minerva. Current students can request printed transcripts using this web form. Alumni and former students may submit a request for a printed transcript using the "Submit a Question" option below.

How can I order a copy of my diploma?
Detailed instructions are provided on the Graduation and Convocation website.

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