Research Ethics Board Office (REBs 1, 2, 3)

The Research Ethics Board (REB) Office, a unit within the Office of the Vice-President (Research + Innovation), promotes the highest ethical standards of research involving humans with the primary goal of protecting the rights and welfare of the individuals who are participants in research. The REB Office administers the review process for REBs-1,2,3; provides guidance to researchers in the preparation of submissions; develops and implements policies and procedures to ensure compliance with applicable provincial, national and international requirements; educates and advises researchers on research ethics issues and the review process.

The REB-1 reviews research conducted within the Faculty of Law, Faculty of Management, Faculty of Arts (except Linguistics, Social Work, and School of Information Studies), Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science (except Psychology), Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences (except School of Human Nutrition, Food Sciences).

The REB-2 reviews research conducted within the Faculty of Education, Faculty of Music, Linguistics, Psychology, Social Work, School of Information Studies, School of Human Nutrition, and Food Sciences.

The REB-3 reviews research conducted within all faculties, except the Faculties of Medicine and Dentistry, for all research involving minors and adults incapable of giving consent.

* All research involving invasive medical procedures or interventions, genetic testing, any medical imaging, or use of biological materials (prospective or secondary use) must be reviewed by the Faculty of Medicine REB, even if the researcher is from one of the above units)*

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