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Help With Submissions

Do you have questions? Need advice? Have a draft application you would like reviewed? We encourage consultation for research involving distinct communities as well as research that may involve multiple partners/jurisdictions e.g. Indigenous research, community-based action-research.

You can drop by for a consultation without an appointment on any Wednesday, from 2-4 p.m. at the REB Office (REBs-1,2,3) located in the James Administration Bldg. rm. 325. An appointment for a consultation (virtual or in-person) outside of these hours can also be arranged by contacting the relevant ethics staff member.


Mandatory Human Research Ethics Training

All Principal Investigator applicants, whether McGill students (graduate, postdoctoral), faculty or staff, must complete the Tri-Council Policy Statement 2 (TCPS2) online tutorial BEFORE submitting an application for review. Supervisors of student applicants are also required to complete the tutorial before submission for review.

To complete the online tutorial go to the TCPS2 Course on Research Ethics (CORE) website and create an account selecting McGill as your institution. Completion can then be verified online by the REB office or you can include a copy of your certificate with the submission. The tutorial is available in English and French.


All submissions must be done using the online submission system. Please consult the information and user guides found here.

Exceptions to submitting new study applications through eRAP:

McGill researchers who are co-researchers/collaborators on a study already approved at another institution – please contact the REB. You may not need to submit through eRAP.

External researchers do not apply through eRAP – please contact the REB.

Need technical assistance using and accessing eRAP? Please contact us : eRAPsupport [at]


Submission Deadlines

The REB Office administers 3 ethics boards. The assigned REB is based primarily on the department/faculty of the applicant. See here for listings of REBs and areas of assignment.

Note: The submission deadlines apply to new applications only. Review comments will normally be received within 2 weeks after the meeting. Amendments and renewals may be submitted at any time. The review time for amendments is usually 2-3 weeks, although very minor amendments may be reviewed within a week. Renewals are typically reviewed within a week.

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