QLS (Quantitative Life Sciences); SQV (Sciences quantitatives du vivant)

Yue Li

Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science
Email: yueli [at] cs.mcgill.ca

Research Areas: Computational Biology, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Neuroinformatics, Statistical Bioinformatics, Statistics

Dr. Yue Li's research is focused on developing machine learning approaches in healthcare and functional genomics. In particular, Dr. Li’s group develops interpretable probabilistic learning models and deep generative models to leverage genetic, epigenetic, electronic health record, and medical imaging data from heterogeneous populations. By systematically integrating multimodal and longitudinal data, Dr. Li aims to have impactful applications in computational medicine including building intelligent clinical recommender systems, forecasting patient health trajectories, personalized polygenic risk predictions, and characterizing multi-trait functional genetic mutations.


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