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Arjun Krishnaswamy

Prof. Arjun Krishnaswamy

Assistant Professor Physiology

E-mail: arjun.krishnaswamy [at] mcgill.ca

Research Areas: Neural Circuits

Our lab focuses on the assembly and function of neural circuits. We study these phenomena using the circuits of the retina as our model. We employ a combination of molecular, genetic, electorphysiological, optical and imaging methods to learn how the circuits of the eye wire up and how such wiring patterns enable them to detect visual features such as motion. Our studies require custom instrumentation which we build and program in house as well as quantitative methods for data analysis. Our future plans are to deepen this line of research in the retina and extend our studies to the next level of the visual pathway in the brain.

Lab Website: swamylab.com

Departmental page: https://www.mcgill.ca/physiology/directory/core-faculty/arjun-krishnaswamy

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