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Anmar Khadra

Anmar Khadra

Professor Physiology; Associate Member Mathematics & Statistics; Associate Member Physics
E-mail: anmar.khadra [at] mcgill.ca

Research Area: Biological Modelling, Computational Neuroscience, Ion Channels and Synapses

Delineating the mechanisms regulating the behavior of physiological systems in immunology and neurology using theoretical approaches represents the core focus of my research program. These theoretical approaches (adopted from the fields of Nonlinear Dynamics, Biophysics and Computational Biology) are applied in parallel with experimental techniques to decipher the dynamics of such systems. This is accomplished through developing data based mathematical/biophysical models and computational tools of various complexities. The models are then investigated analytically and numerically to provide insights about physiological systems under investigation, identify causes of abnormalities and potential therapeutic targets within them, test hypotheses, guide new experiments, and develop technological tools to manipulate them.

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