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Peter Grutter

Peter Grutter

Professor Physics
E-mail: peter.grutter [at] mcgill.ca

Research Area: Nanoscience

Peter Grutter is chair of the Department of Physics at McGill University in Montreal.  He obtained his PhD in 1989 from the University of Basel (Switzerland) and after stays at the IBM Research Centers in Almaden and Zurich joined McGill University in 1994.

His group works on developing scanning probe microscopy based tools and methods and applying them to problems in nanoscience and technology as well as to neuroscience. His group has developed methods to reconnect live neurons. One of the current projects is to compare neuronal circuits made from live neurons to neuronal circuits made with semiconductors to understand their differences. Research project descriptions, papers and thesis of his group can be found at www.physics.mcgill.ca/~peter

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