QLS (Quantitative Life Sciences); SQV (Sciences quantitatives du vivant)

Yasser Iturria Medina

​Yasser Iturria Medina

​Assistant Professor Neurology and Neurosurgery
​Email: Yasser.iturriamedina [at] mcgill.ca

Research Areas: Computational Neuroscience, Neuroinformatics, Neuroimaging Data Science, Biological Modelling, Computational Biology, Statistical Bioinformatics

My primary research interest is the creation of integrative mathematical, molecular, and neuroimaging models for: i) understanding pathologic and therapeutic effects on multiscale-multifactorial brain networks, and ii) identifying effective personalized therapeutic interventions for controlling disorders progression. I combine state of the art modeling techniques and multimodal molecular and imaging biomarkers of hundreds of subjects (both human and animal), including genes expression and brain connectomics. These models underpin our work in personalized medicine aimed at identifying individual brain signatures – personalized therapeutic fingerprints for the clinic. They have been validated in normal healthy conditions and under the effects of specific diseases (e.g. Alzheimer´s disease).

​Website: NeuroPM Lab






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