QLS (Quantitative Life Sciences); SQV (Sciences quantitatives du vivant)

Paul Masset

Paul Masset

Assistant Professor Psychology
E-mail: paul.masset [at] mcgill.ca

Research Area: Computational Neuroscience, Neural Circuits, Systems Neuroscience

My research group integrates ideas and methods from systems neuroscience, experimental psychology and machine learning to understand how the heterogeneity of neuron types endows brain circuits with efficient distributed computations underlying behavior and cognition. We develop and experimentally validate new models of distributed computation in brain circuits including a new understanding of how dopamine-based distributed reinforcement learning could be implemented in the brain. To answer these questions, we perform large scale electrophysiological recordings in rodents performing complex behavioral tasks, build new data analysis tools and develop new classes of biologically plausible neural networks.

Webpage: https://scholar.harvard.edu/paul-masset/home

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