QLS (Quantitative Life Sciences); SQV (Sciences quantitatives du vivant)

Alexandre Reynaud

Alexandre Reynaud

Assistant Professor, Ophthalmology & Visual Sciences
Email: alexandre.reynaud [at] mcgill.ca

Research Areas: Behavioural Neuroscience, Computational Neuroscience, Neuroimaging Science, Systems Neuroscience, 

My research focus is the study of stereoscopic vision and binocular fusion in the human visual system using psychophysics, magnetoencephalography and computational approaches. The clinical part of my research is dedicated at understanding and treating binocular dysfunction in amblyopia. To understand the underlying neuronal mechanisms of binocular vision, I am studying the neuronal population activity in the visual cortex of the awake monkey using optical imaging.

Lab Websitehttps://mvr.mcgill.ca/AlexR/

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