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Stephanie Weber

Stephanie Weber

Assistant Professor Biology
E-mail: steph.weber [at] mcgill.ca

Research Area: Cellular Mechanisms; Biological Modelling

Cells are crowded with macromolecules that form highly ordered yet dynamic structures. While advances in fluorescence microscopy enable us to visualize this spatiotemporal heterogeneity, the mechanisms underlying intracellular organization remain largely unknown. The Weber lab uses quantitative live-cell imaging and physical modeling to understand how biological systems establish and dynamically regulate spatial organization in the cell. Specifically, we are investigating the phase separation-driven assembly of membraneless organelles such as the eukaryotic nucleolus and prokaryotic transcriptional foci. Ultimately, we are interested in how the size and activity of these organelles affect the growth and size of the whole organism.

Lab Website: http://weberlab.net

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