In Faiths We Find Unity

From every corner of the earth,

Different faiths have found their birth,

Each one unique in their own right,

With teachings that can guide us through life.


Some may worship many gods,

While others hold to one above,

Some speak in tongues we cannot know,

And some in silence find their soul.


In mosques, in synagogues, in churches, and more,

Devotees gather to pray and adore,

Their customs and rituals may seem unfamiliar,

But at the core, they share a love that is similar.


For in all our hearts, we seek to find,

A sense of purpose and peace of mind,

We yearn for connection, for community,

And a way to live life with grace and dignity.


So let us honor each other's beliefs,

And learn from what each tradition teaches,

For in faiths we find unity,

And a shared humanity that brings us all together in harmony.


The poem celebrates the diversity of religious traditions and emphasizes the common humanity that unites us all. It acknowledges that while different faiths may have unique teachings and practices, they share a common purpose - to guide individuals through life and to help them find meaning and connection.

The poem uses imagery to highlight the various forms of worship and religious practices, from speaking in tongues to praying in silence. It also acknowledges the many different places of worship that exist, including mosques, synagogues, and churches, among others.

At its core, the poem argues that despite our differences, we all share a fundamental desire for connection, community, and a sense of purpose. It suggests that by learning from and respecting each other's beliefs and traditions, we can come together in harmony and recognize the shared humanity that unites us.

Overall, the poem promotes interfaith understanding and encourages individuals to embrace diversity and seek common ground with those from different backgrounds and beliefs. It reminds us that despite our differences, we are all connected by our humanity and our shared desire to find meaning and purpose in life.

I composed this poem, "In Faiths We Find Unity," because I wanted to remind us of the diversity that exists in the world and the need to celebrate and respect it. The poem acknowledges that while different religions may have unique beliefs and practices, they all share a common goal - to help individuals find meaning and purpose in life. I believe the poem is particularly relevant in today's world, where religious conflicts and intolerance often dominate the headlines. It reminds us that despite our differences, we can still come together in harmony and recognize the shared humanity that unites us.

When creating the poem, it inspired me to reflect on my own beliefs and the beliefs of others. It reminded me that while I may not agree with all religious traditions, I can still learn from them and appreciate the beauty and wisdom that they offer. It also encouraged me to be more open-minded and accepting of those from different backgrounds and beliefs.


Wutao Hong is a third year student of Bachelor of Theology, who is a Christian and desires to explore different religions.

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