Spirit of McGill


A series of portraits that aims to be a spiritual census of campus life.

Where do you find meaning in life? In religion, spirituality, or secularism?

Regardless of one's affiliation, or lack thereof, sacredness and purpose are key components of personal well-being. Spirit of McGill is a project whose mission is to highlight various perspectives on faith, while illustrating McGill's diverse multifaith community.

Drawing inspiration from David Summerhays' past project, L'âme de Montréal, Spirit of McGill finds its roots in many of Summerhays' approaches to conversations about religion and spirituality in a public context. Additionally, L'âme de Montréal takes direction from the vastly popular portrait series, Humans of New York, by capturing the essence of the meaning of life in its most unpredictable, or unposed, moments.

Participating in a larger community of approaches to highlighting student voices on campus, such as Humans of McGill University and Working Humans of McGill, MORSL's Spirit of McGill aims to bring a unique and dynamic approach to the view of religion and spirituality on campus.

Share your story.

We are currently looking for testimonials from students on their experience with religion, faith, or spirituality. This could include one's experience from childhood to adulthood, a shift in belief along the way, or one's reasoning for holding a secular stance. 

If you are interested in having your story shared on our social channels (website, Instagram, and Facebook), please fill out this brief, open-ended webform and submit with it a headshot of your choosing.

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