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Call for submissions: Resilience and Restoration Winter 2023

How do you forgive a loved one? A stranger? Yourself? Is restoration always the best solution when something is broken? Where can we find beauty in brokenness, and brokenness in beauty? How do connections with each other help us grow and heal, individually and as a community? How can we nurture resilience in ourselves and in each other? What do our religious traditions and spiritual intuitions say about these questions?

Navigating difficult circumstances is inevitably a central concern of all of our lives. As uncomfortable as they may be, these experiences and our reactions to them shape us and our communities. Radix believes that we can best live with, live through, and grow from them by leaning on and learning from each other. In that spirit, we invite you to share your perspective(s) on resilience and restoration.

Radix encourages submissions from any current McGill students. Poems, prose, photographs, drawings, and multimedia (e.g. video submissions for digital publishing) are all accepted.

Submit your work through this form. Submissions are open from December 9th, 2022 until January 31st, 2023.

What is Radix?

"Radix" is Latin for "root," and the Radix 'zine aims to be a voice of the many religious and cultural "roots" at McGill. Published about four times a year by MORSL, Radix is available on stands around both campuses, as well as online (see the Archive). Each issue explores a theme from different spiritual and philosophical perspectives.

Radix offers free ad space to student and community groups that enrich the spiritual and religious life of the campus. Email morsl [at] mcgill.ca for more information, or connect with us about Radix on FacebookInstagram and Twitter.


Image of Radix cover winter 2022 issue

Radix Issue "Apocalypse and Rebirth" is now available!

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