Faith Clubs and Organisations on Campus

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International Student Ministry

ismatmcgill [at] (Email) | Facebook | Instagram

International Student Ministry is a home away from home community of McGill students seeking to build cross-cultural friendships and discover who Jesus is!

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

ivcfmcgillchristianfellowship [at] (Email) | Facebook | Instagram

We are a group of interdenominational Christians on campus who have come together because of our shared faith in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. We strive to create a community that encourages dialogue from varying perspectives and exploring what it means to be a follower of Jesus. We welcome you to join us on our weekly bible studies on Mondays and Tuesdays. We also have a discovery group that meets every week to explore big questions about Christianity. Lastly, we have bi-weekly large group gatherings called FUSE! Come as you are to join us for a time of community and fun, we welcome anyone from different faith backgrounds! Follow our Facebook page & group and Instagram for more info!

St. Martha's Chapel

Facebook | Website

St. Martha’s Chapel is a progressive, inclusive, multi-denominational Christian ministry. Dedicated to serving young adults in Montreal, St. Martha’s offers pastoral support, weekly worship services, spiritual education, and regular social events.

McGill Christian Legal Fellowship

Facebook | Emcgillclf [at] (mail)

A collective of Christian law students at McGill, ecumenically diverse and united by our love of Christ and desire to grow in our faith as a community!

McGill Christian Students Association

mcgillchristianstudents [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

We are believers in Christ. Thus, we love the Lord Jesus Christ and endeavour to give Him "the first place in all things" (Col. 1:18). Our desire is to cooperate with Him for the accomplishment of God's eternal purpose (Eph. 3:11) by ministering the unsearchable riches of Christ (Eph. 3:8) for the building up of the Body of Christ (Eph. 4:12). We warmly receive all believers in Christ and seek to maintain the oneness of the Spirit by keeping our focus on Christ. He is so rich! He is so full! He is everything to us, and He is the center of our enjoyment.

McGill Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Canada Student Group

olivia.bala [at] (Email) | Facebook

We meet every Friday at the chapel across from Laurier metro for a free delicious supper and various scripture study classes given in English, French, and Spanish, with fun activities afterwards. Everyone is welcome! For meeting times, and more info on specific scripture study classes and activities, check out the Montreal LDS Institute Facebook page: JAS de Montréal | Montreal YSA, or send an email to us.

McGill Students Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF)

mcgillstudentsocf [at] (Email )| Facebook 

Orthodox Christian Fellowship (OCF) is the official collegiate campus ministry program under SCOBA (the Standing Conference of Canonical Orthodox Bishops in the Americas). Our mission is to support fellowships on college campuses, whose members experience and witness to the Orthodox Christian Church through community life, prayer, service to others and study of the Faith.

Christian Medical and Dental Association McGill

Website | Facebook

The CMDA exists to support Christian medical and dental students in their personal walks of faith and encourage and challenge them to be Christ-centered in their current studies and future professional practices.

Newman Students' Society

mcgillcatholics [at] (Email) | Facebook | Website

Through our vibrant spiritual and social life, we seek to grow in the love of Jesus and spread the joy of his Gospel to the McGill University campus and beyond in a spirit of friendship and service. Inspired by the legacy of Cardinal John Henry Newman, we strive to provide a point of intersection between our lives as students and our lives as Christian disciples. We are based out of the Newman Centre at 3484 Peel Street, where students are welcome to hang out during the day, as well as attend various social, spiritual, and academic events held at the centre. Everyone is welcome! :)

Power to Change

Daniel.denomme [at] (Email) | FacebookInstagramWebsite

We are ordinary people seeking to make sense of life in light of Jesus and His very good news. Most of all, we want you to experience Jesus’ joyful and hopeful life with a diverse community of friends. We’re all about seeing students like you take their next step towards Jesus, regardless of where we’re each starting from. Even during this pandemic, we are still seeking to learn together as we study the Bible and engage with relevant topics, reach out to our campus, and build a community of prayer, worship, and fun. Get connected with us online through our Facebook or Instagram page and feel free to send us a message to learn more!

St. Cyril Coptic Orthodox Association (ICON)

iconport3 [at] (Email) | Facebook

ICON is a Christian club and our purpose is to offer a religious group on campus and to create a community that is friendly and welcoming to everyone. We encourage people to share opinions about their faith and develop enlightening discussions. We hope that through this, people learn more about the Christian faith, if they wish to do so. Meetings and prayer take place on a weekly basis in the Newman Center (3484 Peel). We offer various kinds of activities throughout the semester that are both spiritual and secular as well. 


Am McGill - Merged with McGill Chavurah as of 2024

JewsofAMMcGill [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

Am McGill is an egalitarian Jewish group on campus, whose mission is to provide an inclusive and safe space for all Jewish students at McGill. We host monthly Shabbat dinners and services, as well as events for Jewish holidays throughout the school year. To learn more or to get in touch with us, please visit the Facebook page.

Chabad House Student Society

info [at] (Email )| Facebook | InstagramWebsite

The Chabad Jewish Student Center at McGill University is one of over 100 on-site Chabad on Campus centers across North America. We offer the anchor and embrace of 'family' for Jewish students regardless of background, observance or affiliation. Consider our address one you can turn to for any reason at all 24 hours a day.

Nazun (Challah for Hunger)

cfhhillelmontreal [at] (Email )|  Facebook group | Website

Nazun is a registered charity with a chapter at McGill. Currently, thousands of Jewish student participants on 80+ campuses across the US, Canada, UK, and Australia gather on a regular basis to continue the centuries-old tradition of baking challah together and practicing tikkun olam in an inclusive environment.

Chavurah (Ghetto Shul: House of Prayer)

ghettoshul [at] (Email )| InstagramFacebook | Website

At Chavurah, we’re proud to offer a traditional progressive Jewish experience in downtown Montreal. Through sustainable Shabbat meals, learning together, and community gatherings, we aim to bring young Montreal Jews together to pray, eat, laugh, and make new friends. Be it a giant Friday night dinner, a smaller home-y meal, a lively Thursday night class, a Monday night jam session, or a Havdalah art night, anyone can experience the warmth of Jewish life. Check our Facebook page for updates on our upcoming events! We are a student and volunteer-run organization, and we welcome people from all walks of life and love having newcomers to our services.

Hillel McGill

hillel.mcgill.student.exec [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

Hillel McGill is your one-stop shop for Jewish life on campus. Representing the vast and diverse Jewish community here at McGill, we offer a wide variety of programs, events, internships, and connection opportunities for everyone to take part in. From socials to Shabbat services, fashion to politics, Hillel’s vision is that every student is inspired to take part in Jewish life on campus!

Jewish Queer Montreal

jqueermtl [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram | Linktree

"Our mission is to 'queer' Jewish spaces and create a community for Queer Jews in Montreal. JQueer facilitates events and provides space for the intersection of queerness and Jewish identity.

Independent Jewish Voices

mcgill [at] (Email )| Instagram

Independent Jewish Voices McGill is a student chapter of IJV Canada. Our goal at IJV McGill is to organize and mobilize the strong contingent of Jewish students on campus who support Palestinian human rights, stand for racial justice and indigenous solidarity, and fight against antisemitism in North America as well the dangerous conflation of antisemitism and anti-Zionism. We work to provide a safe space and community for Jewish students who may feel isolated or excluded from the Jewish community because of their support for Palestine and criticism of Israel.

Medicine & Dentistry Jewish Association

mdjamcgill [at] (Email )| Facebook

The McGill Medicine & Dentistry Jewish Association's vision is to bring together individuals of all different backgrounds in an environment where they can learn Jewish laws pertaining to the practice of medicine, hold networking events, and be cornerstone members of a club that would work with Jewish physicians highly involved in the community who are trying to help low-income Jewish children get more exposure into the fields of medicine and dentistry.

Jewish Law Students' Association

jlsa.mcgill [at] (Email )| Facebook

The Jewish Law Students’ Association (JLSA) is the organization for Jewish students of law at McGill University. Its mandate is to promote Jewish life on campus by organizing events such as guest speakers, educational panels or Shabbat dinners. The JLSA also functions as a liaison between students and the Jewish law community in Montreal. Its activities are open to any law students at McGill.


Muslim Students' Association (MSA)

Communications [at] (Email )| Facebook | InstagramWebsite

The Muslim Students’ Association brings together Muslim students to provide resources, essential services, and educational tools needed to enhance their university experience. Through the services and events provided, the MSA aims to facilitate the spiritual and social growth of its members and the larger McGill community, supporting student needs. Like MSA on Facebook to get updates on this event, as well as all our other initiatives!

McGill Thaqalayn Muslim Students’ Association (TMA)

tma [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

The McGill Thaqalayn Muslim Students’ Association (TMA) grew out of a desire to provide a space for Muslim students, especially those who identify as Shi'i, to practice their faith and rediscover their values.

McGill Muslim Law Students' Association (MLSA)

mlsa.umcgill [at] (Email )| Facebook 

The Muslim Law Students’ Association provides valuable social and professional connections for Muslim students in the Faculty of Law, and offers opportunities for all students to learn about the intersections between faith and law.

McGill Muslim Medical Student Association [at] (Email )Facebook | Website

The Muslim Medical Student Association provides valuable social and professional connections for Muslim students in medical fields of study. Affiliated with the Muslim Medical Association of Canada as a McGill chapter. Follow their Facebook page to connect and learn more.


McGill Sikh Students' Association

mcgill.sikhs [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

The club intends to provide an inclusive space and platform to connect with Sikh students and come together for Sikh-oriented events.


McGill Baháʼí Students Club

sana.mohtadi [at] (Email )

We have a great community of Baha’i students who gather for social and spiritual events on campus such as regular devotionals. If you would like to know more or get involved please email us!

Falun Dafa

falundafa.mcgill [at] (Email )| Facebook | Website

Falun Dafa (aka Falun Gong) is a Chinese self-cultivation practice which takes the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance as guiding principles. It includes five meditative exercises and, different from other qigong, emphasizes the role of virtue in improving health. McGill's Falun Dafa club meets weekly to do the exercises (free instruction provided on site)!

The Meditation Club at McGill

themeditationclub [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

The goal of The Meditation Club is to foster the practice of Meditation, and discuss the theory behind it. Send them a message to signup for the mailing list and keep informed of where and when meditation practices are happening on and around campus. 

McGill Yoga Club

mcgillyoga [at] (Email )| Facebook | Instagram

The McGill Yoga club offers accessible, by-donation yoga classes within 5 minutes from campus. Our goal is to improve the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the community.

Dharma Society

Facebook | dharmasociety [at] (Email) | Instagram

One of the newer SSMU clubs on campus, the MDS seeks to serve as the official campus representation for students belonging to Hindu and other Dharmic traditions, and aims to allow students of all backgrounds to collectively learn and participate in our spiritual and cultural practices.

Secular Student Alliance

Facebook | secularstudentsmontreal [at] (Email) | Instagram

The mission of the Secular Student Alliance is twofold: serving as a home and safe community for youths of secular, atheist, agnostic, non-religious identities and their allies in the Greater Montreal Area, as well as advocating for socio-political causes that align with our humanist values, including human rights, racial justice, LGBTQ2+ rights, feminism, and more. Join us for speaker series, collaboration events with other organizations, interfaith dialogue, and social events to find our home away from home.

Lotus Initiative

Facebook | lotus [at] (Email) | Instagram

Lotus Initiative is a McGill student-run organization that brings together dance and mental health. Our team organizes mental health workshops and dance classes for the McGill community. By bringing in dance choreographers and teachers who specialize in different genres of dance, we strive to create a resourceful environment for all. We also reinforce the importance of mental health by creating workshops involving activities that promote well-being and mental health.


There are other clubs on campus that are not officially recognized or yet to be included in our listing. Please morsl [at] (email us) for more information or visit our Meet the MORSL Team page.

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