Cultivate Wellness

University can be one of the most exciting and rewarding times in our lives-but it can also bring a host of stresses and pressures. Cultivating wellness in all areas - including your inner, spiritual side - can help you avoid feeling overwhelmed during your busy university career.

Spiritual wellness is one of eight components found on the Wellness Wheel, and describes finding the greater meaning and purpose of life. It involves developing a better understanding of your personal beliefs and values so that you can choose actions and behaviors that are consistent with them. In simple terms, it is about feeling grounded and connected.

MORSL offers a surprisingly eclectic array of self-directed and group activities to help you thrive. We encourage you to carve out a little time for your own mental and spiritual wellness, and take advantage of our space and resources to maintain a healthy balance. Choose one of the categories below, or check out our event calendar to see everything at once! Our events are open to students who pay the Student Services fee and are free of charge. 

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