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Our drop-in centre is closed until further notice, but our community is still active! To find out what's happening this week, please go to our home page and scroll down to the week's event listing. Every week, you'll find 15-25 events happening online that are hosted by MORSL or our partners. For more community online resources such as regular online worship and meetings, please visit our partner programming changes webpage

Our drop-in centre offers a lounge and meditation space that welcomes all students, of any faith or religious denomination - and also for those with no religious affiliation at all! Feel free to stop by during our opening hours to mediate, relax, be inspired, learn, connect and recharge your batteries.

Our Interfaith LoungeOur lounge

Located on the third floor (room 36-2) of 3610 Rue McTavish, our Interfaith Lounge features a cozy seating area, meditative colouring books, lots of plants and natural light. We hope you will use our centre's space and resources to find meaning beyond academics and to form healthy life habits that invite spiritual well-being and inner peace.

This is a religion-and-spirituality positive space for dialogue on spiritual practice and well-being. While you are here, take time to engage with others, share your favorite book (or browse our in-house library), or simply do some meditative colouring on your own or with a friend! Get inspired by talking to the person next to you, and learn how others incorporate spiritual practice into their lives.

We uphold mutual respect and embrace our diversity. All are welcome – whether you come from a particular religious tradition or none at all, you have a place here with us!

You can also take advantage of free tea - but please bring your own mug or thermos! We are not equipped or staffed to properly sanitize cups.

Spirituality and Wellness Library

Our drop-in centre features an in-house library with books regarding world religions, coping with stress, practicing mindfulness, spirituality, and many more. Keep an eye out for the MORSL Reads series in our newsletters and on our website to learn about books from our staff-picks, or those recently added to our collection! (Note that these books are for use in our lounge only).

Meditation and Prayer Room

A quiet room in our drop-in centre provides a non-denominational prayer and meditation space available during our opening hours. Its resources include:

  • A guided-meditation headphone station
  • A light therapy station (first-come, first-serve basis) - read instructions on how to use these lamps
  • Meditation cushions and ambient lighting to nurture focus and relaxation
  • Soft carpet for kneeling
  • Zazen-style meditation benches
  • Chair with arm rests and space for wheelchair users
  • Inspirational quotes and reflections to guide meditation
  • A short guide to meditation in a variety of traditions
  • Colouring materials and "make your own mantra" supplies

All are welcome, whether you are experienced in the practice of prayer and meditation, or just looking to try it out! No appointment necessary, and no time limit on your practice. We also offer regular meditation programs, which you can check out on our weekly meditation page

Light Therapy

We have a full-spectrum lamp in the meditation room for use on site. Great for battling the winter blues! Read instructions on how to use these lamps. Of course, you can also get some informal light therapy in our lounge, which has huge windows and tons of thriving houseplants to boost your mood!

Having trouble finding us?

Check out the contact page to learn about how you can locate our office or contact our team.

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