Interfaith Dialogue Program Projects

Students share their learning and experiences from MORSL's Interfaith Dialogue Program

In the Winter 2023 semester, six students were selected to be a part of MORSL's first ever cohort for the Interfaith Dialogue Program. The series on practical skills for interfaith dialogue gave students an opportunity to learn about each other's faith traditions and orientations to help cultivate a sense of community among peers. The workshop focused on several key aspects of interfaith dialogue, including active listening, having honest conversations, being respectful while disagreeing, and critical self-reflection. Here we showcase the student's final projects to celebrate the amazing work they did during the program.

Two cartoon people holding hands while surrounded by religious symbols from various major religions

Importance of Storytelling in Interfaith Dialogue

View of the Old City from the Tower of David, photo taken by Anna Brosowsky

Reflections on a Gap Year in Israel 

Closeup of Andrea's art project, canvas with painted letters reading "Love God Serve Others"

Love God, Serve Others

The Phylacteries of Dialogue – תפילין הדיאלוג

In Faiths We Find Unity

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