Students Share from the Parliament of World Religions

"The Parliament of the World’s Religions cultivates harmony among the world’s spiritual traditions and fosters their engagement with guiding institutions in order to achieve a more peacefuljust, and sustainable world. Its origins are rooted in the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, where the historic first convening of the World Parliament of Religions created a global platform for engagement of religions of the east and west. Headquartered in Chicago, Il, USA, the Parliament of the World’s Religions is an international NGO affiliated with the United Nations Department of Public Information." (The Parliament of World Religions)

McGill sponsors a cohort of students to attend the interfaith parliament. As a participant in the MORSL cohort, students have a chance to debrief with fellow McGill students and reflect on the learning. Students attending this world’s premier interfaith parliament will be exposed to different faiths, and perspectives on various issues of concern for our time.

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