Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

Equity and inclusion are in our DNA.


As we fulfill our mission to nurture inner wellness for all students, these core principles lay the foundations for our work and are part of who we are. At the McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, it is part of our mandate to foster inclusion and raise awareness. This extends beyond just religious identities to include those concerning race, gender, and orientation. By grounding our office in principles of inclusion and the celebration of diversity, we are committed to supporting students of all backgrounds, encouraging respect and cross-communication between groups, and providing resources for support and better understanding.

As part of our Spirituality, Wellness and Solidarity workshop, we've prepared a list of tips to help students learn, listen and act as an ally to students who may face religious discrimination. It is available as a one-page downloadable and printable PDF document

Looking for an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) initiative on campus? Check out this comprehensive listing of 75+ groups, associations, departmental representatives and more dedicated to creating a culture of inclusion at McGill!

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