Equity and Inclusion

Who we are imageEquity and inclusion are in our DNA. As we fulfil our mission to nurture inner wellness for all students, these core principles lay the foundations for our work and are part of who we are. 


McGill University's mission and principles embrace equity and inclusiveness on campus. MORSL's work directly supports those principles through our dedication to:

  • raising religious literacy around both traditional world religions and newer religious movements
  • offering services and programs to students that equip them to live harmoniously in a pluralistic society
  • respecting the integrity of different religious traditions and encouraging others to do likewise
  • respecting those without religion
  • working cooperatively to encourage an ethical approach to common concerns.

Wheel with diverse religious symbols

>> Learn more about MORSL's commitment.
>> Read the Provost's statement on the June 16, 2019 Laicity law (Bill 21).

Accommodation of Holidays and Holy Days

McGill University recognizes and respects the diversity of its community, including diversity of religious faiths and observances. The University is committed to providing an environment in which its students can fulfill both their university and their religious commitments. Visit this website for McGill's Policy for the Accommodation of Religious Holy Days.

Religious Practice on and Around Campus