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The McGill Office of Religious and Spiritual Life features an in-house library with books regarding world religions, coping with stress, practicing mindfulness, spirituality, and many more. Note that these books are for use in our drop-in centre only. Feel free to place a bookmark and come back to continue reading with a nice cup of tea in our cozy lounge!


A few selections from our collection:


Author Title
Whitney Stewart & Sally Rippin

Becoming Buddha; The Story of Siddhartha (Buddhism)

Arvind Sharma Gandhi; A Spiritual Biography (Hinduism)
Dr. Arafat El-Ashi Luminaries of Islam (Islam)
George Fox The Journal of George Fox (Quaker)

Poetry and Essays

Author Title
Mirza Tahir Ahmad Universal Moral Values, Politics & World Peace
Elie Wiesel

Open heart

Jeffrey Hopkins

Meditation on Emptiness

Johanna H. Stuckey

Women's Spirituality; Contemporary Feminist Approaches to Judaism, Christianity, Islam and Goddess Worship

Jataka Tale The Spade Sage; A Story about Finding Happiness

Religious Literacy

Author Title
I.A. Ibrahim

A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam

Rabbi Wayne Dosick Living Judaism
Jeffrey Geoghegan & Michael Homan

The Bible for Dummies


An Introduction to Zen Buddhism

Joyce & River Higginbotham

Paganism; An Introduction to Earth-Centered Religions

Huston Smith

The Illustrated World's Religions

Sacred Texts

Author Title

Lao Tzu

Tao Te Ching the definitive Edition

A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

Bhagavad-Gita As It Is

Dr. Ernest Trumpp

The Adi Granth or Holy Scriptures of the Sikhs (translation)

King Fahd Complex

The Noble Qur'an; English Translation of meanings and commentary

Ed.: National Council of the Churches of Christ

The Holy Bible (New Revised Standard Version) Catholic Edition

Health and Wellness

Author Title
Thomas Moore Care of the Soul
Susanne F. Fincher

Creating Mandalas For Insight, Healing, and Self-Expression

David D. Burns

Feeling Good; The New Mood Therapy

Alex Mill

Practicing Presence; Learning the Art of Directing the Attention

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