Francine Lacelle receives 2024 Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff

Francine Lacelle holds her framed award in front of a backdrop of lilacs
Published: 6 June 2024

At last week's staff relations reception, Acting Dean Valérie Orsat presented the 2024 Macdonald Campus Award of Excellence for Administrative and Support Staff to Francine Lacelle, Administrative Supervisor of McGill's Farm Management and Technology (FMT) Program. Please join us in congratulating Francine and thanking her for outstanding service to McGill University and Macdonald Campus. 

Francine has been a dedicated member of the Farm Management and Technology Program administration since 1991, when she began her career at Macdonald Campus. Her position may have changed over the past three decades, but Francine has consistently remained an invaluable contributor to the smooth operation of both the daily business and special events at the department. Her unwavering can-do attitude, professionalism, and cheerful demeanor make her not only a very productive worker but also a great team player and cherished colleague.

As Administrative Supervisor, Francine is often the point of contact for visitors to Harrison House, but what she does behind the scenes is a much larger part of her job. Her contributions and seamless logistical operations have enabled the staff of FMT to continue their work educating future farmers and entrepreneurs. The small, stand-alone nature of FMT requires a high level of versatility from its staff, and Francine never disappoints. She has shown time and again that she is creative and flexible in the face of new challenges. She is the heart of the FMT program, offering her support, guidance, and experience to all those around her.

Without dedicated staff like Francine, the Macdonald Campus of McGill University would not be the world-class institution it is. Francine Lacelle embodies the true collaborative spirit of Macdonald Campus, and the close-knit nature of the Macdonald Campus Farm and FMT program relationship, for these reasons, we formally recognize her contributions to our community.

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