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Colleen Sheppard

Full Professor
Director, Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism

New Chancellor Day Hall
3644 Peel Street
Room 604
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3A 1W9

514-398-5098 [Office]
Colleen [dot] Sheppard [at] mcgill [dot] ca (Email)


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Colleen Sheppard teaches and conducts research in the areas of Canadian and comparative constitutional law, equality rights, economic and social rights, and feminist legal theory at McGill’s Faculty of Law.

She is Director for the McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism. A former law clerk to Chief Justice Brian Dickson, she has also been a visiting professor at Dalhousie Law School, the University of Maine School of Law, and the Institute of Comparative Law, Université Lyon III.

Professor Sheppard has also been active in public interest work. She served as a Commissioner on the Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission from 1991-1996 and has been a consultant with the federal Department of Justice, the National Judicial Institute, the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the Ontario Métis Aboriginal Association and the International Labour Organization.


LL.M. (Harvard) 1985

LL.B. (Toronto) 1984

B.A. (Toronto) 1980


Director, Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, McGill University, 2010-2015

Research Director, Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism, McGill University, 2005-2010

Full Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University, 2006-present

Associate Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University, 1993-2006

Commissioner, Quebec Human Rights and Youth Rights Commission, 1991-1996

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, McGill University, 1988-1993

Visiting Assistant Professor (joint appointment), Dalhousie University and University of Maine, 1986-1988

Law Clerk for Chief Justice Brian Dickson, Supreme Court of Canada, 1985-1986

Research on equal employment opportunities and affirmative action, Ontario Ministry of Labour, Women's Bureau, 1980-1981

Areas of Interest

Constitutional Law, Human Rights (especially equality rights), Feminist Legal Theory, Economic and Social Rights and Anti-discrimination in the workplace.



Inclusive Equality: The Relational Dimensions Of Systemic Discrimination In Canada (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2010). LINK.


Mapping anti-discrimination law onto inequality at work: Expanding the meaning of equality in international labour law
Sheppard, C. (2012) 151 International Labour Review 1-19.

Reducing Group-based Inequality in a Legally Plural World
Sheppard, C. (2010), Working Paper, CRISE (Centre for Research on Inequality, Human Security and Ethnicity), Oxford University; published online in February 2010. LINK [.pdf] 

Diversity, Dialogue and the Role of the State: Articulating the Values of Democratic Constitutionalism
Sheppard, C.  (2008) 2 Journal of Parliamentary and Political Law (Part 1) 99.

Pragmatic Feminism in the Work of Bertha Wilson
Sheppard, C. (2008), 41 Supreme Court L.R. (2d) 83; also published in Jamie Cameron ed. Reflections on the Legacy of Justice Bertha Wilson (Toronto: Lexis-Nexis, 2008-2009) 83-101.

Constitutional Recognition of Diversity in Canada
Sheppard, C. (2006), 30 Vermont Law Review 463.

Inclusive Equality and New Forms of Social Governance
Sheppard, C. (2004), 24 Supreme Court Law Review (2d) 1.

Intimacy, Rights and the Parent-Child Relationship: Rethinking Freedom of Association in Canada
Sheppard, C. (2004) 16 N.J.C.L. 101.

Narratives, Law and the Relational Context: Exploring Stories of Violence in Young Women’s Lives
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Women as Wives: Immigration Law and Domestic Violence
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AIDS and Disability Employment Discrimination in and beyond the Classroom
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Book chapters

Systemic Discrimination and Gender Inequality: A Life-cycle Approach to Girls' and Women's Rights
in Errol P. Mendes & Sakunthala Srighanthan, eds. Confronting Discrimination and Inequality in China (Ottawa: University of Ottawa Press, 2009) 232-243.

Pragmatic Feminism in the Work of Bertha Wilson
in Jamie Cameron ed. Reflections on the Legacy of Justice Bertha Wilson (Toronto: Lexis-Nexis, 2008-2009) 83-101; also published in (2008), 41 Supreme Court L.R. (2d) 83

Individual accommodation versus institutional transformation: two paradigms for Reconciling paid work and family responsibilities
in Les 15 ans du Tribunal des droits de la personne et les 30 ans de la Charte des droits et libertés de la personne (Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 2005) 379-406.

Harcèlement en milieu de travail: Vers une approche systémique
in Droit à l’égalité et discrimination: aspects nouveaux (Cowansville, Québec: Éditions Y. Blais, 2002) 139-154.

Grounds of Discrimination: Towards an Inclusive and Contextual Approach
in Les 25 ans de la Charte québécoise (Yvon Blais, 2000) (also published in (2001) 80 Canadian Bar Review 893)

The Promise and Practice of Protecting Human Rights: Reflections on the Quebec Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms
in N. Kasirer & R. MacDonald, eds., Mélanges Paul-André Crépeau, (Cowansville: Yvon Blais, 1997) 641-678.

Book reviews

Book Review of Jean-François Gaudreault-DesBiens & Diane Labrèche, Le contexte social du droit dans le Québec contemporain – L’intelligence culturelle dans la pratique des jurists (Éditions Yvon Blais 2009), (forthcoming, Canadian Journal of Law and Society)

Book Review of Robert J. Sharpe & Patricia I. McMahon, The Persons Case – The Origins and Legacy of the Fight for Legal Personhood, (2008) 53 McGill L.J. 367

Book Review of Lucie Lamarche, Perspectives occidentales du droit international des droits économiques de la personne (Editions Bruylant, Editions de l'Université de Bruxelles, 1995) (1996) 41 McGill L.J. 907

Reports and Study Papers

Systemic Discrimination and Equality at Work: Canadian Developments
Sheppard, C. Working Paper, Prepared for the Equality at Work: Concepts and Policy Responses in a Changing World, International Labour Organization, Technical Meeting of Country Experts, Geneva (June 2002).

Litigating the Relationship between Equality and Equity
Sheppard, C. Study Paper, Ontario Law Reform Commission, 1993 (cited favourably by the Supreme Court of Canada in Lovelace v. Ontario, [2000] 1 S.C.R. 950).