Shared Platform & Development Services (SPDS)

Steve Tessier

Steve Tessier

Director, SPDS

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SPDS provides Collaboration, Business Intelligence (BI), Integration and Development services to other IT units and to the different business units of McGill.

  • Applications Development (AD) (managed by Stéphane Martineau) develops, maintains, and supports a range of applications for Business Units; acts as a Center of Excellence to standardize their application development practices, improve their processes and efficiency; promotes development of best practices & technologies.
  • Integrations Management (IM) (managed by Viktoriya Tatianchenko) manages all aspects of system integrations at McGill; acts as a Center of Excellence to enhance and streamline the overall integrations landscape, as well as re-using integrations where possible.
  • Business Intelligence, Data and Analytics (managed by Patricia Vega) delivers decisional and operational systems leveraging the Business Intelligence (BI), Data & Analytic Services (PowerBI, Datawarehouse, etc.) to support Business Units. They are responsible  for promoting the BI, Data & Analytic Services to foster the adoption and usage of BI at McGill University.
  • Collaboration Platforms (managed by Darlene Inamahoro – interim manager Fanny Bustillo) manages services related to content management and collaboration that include the following tools and platforms: Office365 (Teams, OneDrive, etc.), McGill's Enterprise Content Management System (Content Server, D2, Captiva, etc.) and electronic signatures (DocuSign).


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