IT Communications (ITCOM)

Rowena Espinosa

Rowena Espinosa

Director, ITCOM
Account Manager, Communications IT Portfolio Services

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ITCOM communicates IT-related announcements, delivers IT training, supports user adoption of McGill provisioned IT tools/systems, and provides web publication services to the McGill community.

  • IT Training & Communications (managed by Dan O'Connell) develop and deliver training for IT-related systems, tools, and services, and promote awareness of IT-related services, events and initiatives.
  • IT People Change Management (managed by Manon Van der Puijl) develop people change management strategies and plans for IT projects.
  • IT Web Services Group (managed by Karl Jarosiewicz) provide and maintain McGill’s Web Management System (WMS) based on Drupal Multisite (serving hundreds of websites for groups across McGill, including the McGill homepage and top-level pages), provide guidance and support to website managers and administrators throughout McGill, as well as develop and maintain custom modules.

Account Manager Support - Communications IT Portfolio Services

The account manager serves as the primary focal point for their respective stakeholders, provides regular visibility on the progress of IT initiatives; engages in proactive discussions on upcoming IT trends, business vision, needs, and priority clarifications; and helps streamline the fulfilment of their IT needs by contacting the right IT team at the right time.

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