Application Services (AS)

Chitra Sewsagur

Director, AS
Account Manager, Academic, Research, Admin and Finance

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Application Services supports McGill’s administrative/support units including:

  • Student Information Systems (managed by Venu Katikaneni)
  • Student Life & Teaching (managed by Eric St-Amand)
  • Facilities, Campus & IT (managed by Kostya Dykukha)
  • Budget Office, Finance & HR (managed by Walter Cigana - interim manager Kostya Dykukha)
  • Faculty and Research (managed by Matias Milstein - interim manager Darlene Inamahoro)

Key services include the following:

  • Promote, enable, and work with units across the University to incorporate (or integrate) enterprise-wide applications into their admin functions and support student, academic, and research information systems.
  • Translate business needs into functional or technical requirements for proposed solutions that will meet units’ business objectives.
  • Facilitate access, use, exchange and management of academic, student, research and administrative information resources.

Account Manager for Academic, Research, Admin and Finance 

The account managers are the primary contact for their respective stakeholders. They provide regular updates on the progress of IT initiatives, engage in proactive discussions concerning stakeholders’ business vision, requirements, and priorities, and inform about upcoming IT trends. Account managers also help streamline the fulfillment of clients’ IT needs by engaging the right IT team at the right time.

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