Network and Communication Services (NCS)

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Alex Aragona

Director, NCS

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Our mission is to provide campus-wide access to the network, Internet, email, and manage the IT infrastructure and IT security for all centrally-managed systems at McGill. NCS is composed of six teams:

  • Core System Infrastructure (managed by Stephan Lengacher) responsible for server management (virtual and physical servers), data storage and backup, and central IT Data Centers.
  • Core Infrastructure Applications (managed by Francois Grenier) manages operating systems and infrastructure applications to support network and unified communications (email, instant messaging, cloud storage, DNS, DHCP, etc.).
  • Network Infrastructure (managed by Spiro Mitsialis) manages wireless and wired networks, and related components.
  • Telecommunications Infrastructures and Systems (managed by Martin Rochefort) installs and maintains physical network and physical security components.
  • Audiovisual Services (managed by Devyn Nicholson) installs and supports audiovisual equipment and automation solutions in classrooms, meeting rooms and other areas on campus.
  • Information Security (managed by Dennis Hayson Wong) protects the McGill network and information systems against cyber-threats and reduces vulnerabilities by setting security policies and implementing security solutions, including endpoint protection, event monitoring, and two-factor authentication. In collaboration with other units, sponsors Information Security Awareness initiatives targeting the McGill community.
  • System Management & Integration (managed by Katrina Paris) provide and operate administrative applications infrastructures and services such as central databases, middleware and API platforms.

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