Application Services for Finance & Administration (AS-FA)

Steve Tessier

Director, AS-FA
Account Manager, Admin & Finance IT Portfolio Services


Our mission is to support McGill’s administrative/support units including:

  • The Budget Office, Finance, HR (managed by Denise Pereira)
  • Facilities, Campus and IT (managed by Sebastien Boisvert)

Key services include the following:

  • Promote, enable, and work with units across the University to incorporate (or integrate) enterprise-wide applications into their administrative functions.
  • Translate business needs into technical requirements for proposed solutions that will meet units’ business objectives
  • Facilitate access, use, exchange and management of administrative information resources.

Account Manager Support - Admin and Finance IT Portfolio Services

The account manager serves as the primary focal point for their respective stakeholders, provides regular visibility on the progress of IT initiatives; engages in proactive discussions on upcoming IT trends, business vision, needs, and priority clarifications; and helps streamline the fulfillment of their IT needs by contacting the right IT team at the right time.

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