Exchange Students

You will be living in Montreal during your studies at McGill; therefore you will not be considered a non-resident, you will be a temporary resident and it is mandatory for you to be covered under the International Student Health Insurance.*

All students are automatically charged a full-year fee ($993) for the International Health Insurance.  As an exchange student in order for your premium to be adjusted, you must confirm your health insurance coverage on Minerva as of August 1st, 2017 for fall 2017 term and as of December 1st, 2017 for winter 2018 term.

Minerva ⇒ Student ⇒ International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form to confirm your coverage.

  Terms Covered Coverage Date Fees
1 Semester Fall 2017 August 15th 2017- December 31st 2017 $331 CAD
  Winter 2018 December 15th 2017- April 30th 2018 $331 CAD
2 Semesters Fall '17 & Winter '18 August 15th 2017 - April 30th 2018 $662 CAD

Students who receive an August e-bill with the full-year single rate will not be re-issued a bill until the next monthly billing date. You will be able to view the above fee adjustments in your Account Summary by Term on Minerva within approximately 5 business days of your confirming coverage. Please pay the adjusted balance or the IHI amount in relation to the duration of your stay at McGill by the due date indicated on your e-bill.

Doing this will allow you to pick up your health insurance card at Service Point upon arrival at McGill University.

For information on paying your fees, please refer to Student Accounts website.

*Students who meet certain criteria may be eligible for an exemption. The list of exemption categories can be found under Eligibility for Exemption. Please note that, exchange students covered by private insurance OR their home university's health insurance plan are not exempt from the McGill plan.

Exemption requests must be done on Minerva by specified deadlines.