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Adding Dependent Spouse

By Senate regulation, accompanying dependent spouses (and common-law partners) of international students are required to participate in the University's International Health Insurance plan if they are in Canada.

If you ever need to extend your Canadian immigration documents for yourself or your spouse (or common-law partner), you may be asked to provide immigration authorities with proof that you and your dependent are covered under an adequate health insurance plan.

Please see our Minors page for more information on your accompanying children (under 18 years old).

To add a dependent:

Access Minerva ⇒ Student⇒ International Student Health Insurance Coverage Form and select Add Dependents from the drop-down menu.

If you have already confirmed your coverage on Minerva, you must send your request [at] (by email )and include the full name, date of birth, gender and citizenship of your dependent. Once your dependent has been added to your plan you will receive a confirmation email and there will be a premium adjustment to your contract.

To include your dependent, you must do so when they arrive in Canada. Please note that we cannot retroactively add dependent to your IHI plan for previous terms.

Example #1: if you add your spouse to your plan on October 1st, your contract will change from an annual SINGLE coverage to an annual DEPENDENT coverage within 8 business days upon adding your dependent. You will see a refund of an annual SINGLE coverage premium and a charge of an annual DEPENDENT coverage premium in your student fee account within 8 business days.

Example #2: if you confirmed your SINGLE coverage contract in the fall term, then you add your spouse on February 1st, your premium will change from SINGLE to DEPENDENT for winter & summer terms. You will obtain a refund of two-term SINGLE coverage for winter & summer terms and a charge of two-term DEPENDENT coverage for winter & summer terms in your student fee account within 8 business days

Types of coverage

SINGLE COVERAGE Only you (student)  
DEPENDENT COVERAGE  You and your spouse* OR you and your dependent** child

*Spouse - the person, of the opposite sex, or same sex, who is:

  • legally married to you or
  • Designated by you and with whom you have been living on a permanent basis for at least one year (this period does not apply if a child is born of such union).
    At any given time, only one person may be insured as your spouse.

**Dependent Child(ren) unmarried financially dependent child(ren), until they reach age 18. 

FAMILY COVERAGE You, your spouse and at least one dependent child OR you and more than one dependent child


  • Visit our Rates Page to inquire about the costs of adding dependents for your coverage year. 


Start of coverage for Dependents:

•If a dependent arrives in Canada/joins the plan between 15th of either August*, December or April and before the 1st of either September, January or May – dependent’s coverage begins on the 15th of either August*(for the fall term), December(for the winter term) or April(for the summer term);

•If a dependent arrives in Canada/joins the plan after the 1st of September, January or May  – the dependent’s coverage begins on the 1st September, January or May of a given semester.

NOTE: Cancellation of coverage for dependents can only be done in the first 30 days of each new semester. Such request must be in writing ( [at] and will be evaluated on a case by case basis.

In addition to the information above, please also review ISS' FAQs page.

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