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About the Working Paper Series

International Human Rights Internship Working Paper SeriesThe Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism (CHRLP) Working Paper Series enables the dissemination of papers by students who have participated in the CHRLP’s International Human Rights Internship Program.

Through the Program, students complete placements with NGOs and tribunals where they gain practical work experience in human rights investigation, monitoring, and reporting. Students then write a research paper through a peer review and support process while participating in a seminar that critically engages with human rights discourses.

In accordance with McGill University’s Charter of Students’ Rights, students in this course have the right to submit in English or in French any written work that is to be graded. Therefore, papers in this series may be in either language.

The papers in this series are distributed free of charge in PDF format. Papers may be downloaded for personal use only. The opinions expressed in these papers remain solely those of the author(s). They should not be attributed to the CHRLP or McGill University. The papers in this series are intended to elicit feedback and to encourage debate on important public policy challenges. Copyright belongs to the author(s).

The WPS aims to meaningfully contribute to human rights discourses and encourage debate on important public policy challenges. To connect with the authors or to provide feedback, please contact human.rights [at]

Summer 2022 - Volume 11

PDF icon Angela, Yang - Refugees and the Digital Passage to Europe: Navigating the Right to Privacy within the EU Border Infrastructure

PDF icon Poonam, Sandhu - Positive Complementarity as Justice? The Case for International Criminal Court Proceedings In Situ

PDF icon Joshua A, Singer Johnson - Selective Forgetfulness: Decolonisation, Erasure, and Reconciliation in Post-Colonial Namibia

PDF icon Charlotte, Ridsdale - Fueling the Flames: Online Social Platform Responsibility for Harmful Content in Conflict Zones

PDF icon Cassandra, Betts - An Analysis of the ECOWAS Community Court of Justice's Treatment of Right to Life Claims from 2015–2022

PDF icon Ella, Johnson - The Rule of Law or the Rule of (Corporate) Power? The Criminalization of Environmental Defenders in Iran, the United States, and India

PDF icon Rebecca, Clayton - A Critical Legal Analysis of Marital Rape in Uganda

PDF icon Renée, Lehman - Conscription as a Human Rights Violation: A Consideration in the Prosecution of Russian Soldiers for Crimes Against Humanity

PDF icon Hannah, Reardon - The Case for Recognizing Indigenous Inherent Jurisdiction Over Criminal Justice Matters

PDF icon Eric, Epp - Who Did You Say Your Grandma Was? Indigenous Kinship Webs Giving Rise to Individual Rights and Freedoms

PDF icon Noémie, Richard - Access to Justice, Land Tenure Security, and Small-Scale Farming - Fulfilling the Right to an Adequate Standard of Living

PDF icon Sophie, Bisping - Expanding Notions of Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka through Grassroots Memorialization Initiatives

PDF icon Angela, Nassar - A Broken Relationship Between Human Rights and the State: The Story of Political Corruption in Peru

PDF icon Nicolas, Kamran - Courts Without Reports: The Problematic Absence of Gladue Reports at the Nunavut Court of Justice

Summer 2021 - Volume 10

PDF icon Shona, Moreau - Je t’aime… comme un.e ami.e Partenariat de vie non conjugal

PDF icon Camila, Franco - The Fake News Virus Killing Democracy

PDF icon Kassandra, Neranjan - Legal Lacunae and Coercive Control: Employing International Law to Combat Canadian Intimate Partner Violence

PDF icon Attou, Mamat - Le Printemps érable, Black Lives Matter et la protection du droit de manifester au Québec

PDF icon Janelle, Deniset - Une approche interdisciplinaire pour lutter contre les mariages d’enfants précoces et forcés

PDF icon Ellen, Spannagel - Bearing Witness - The Ethics of Being Paid in Exposure in Human Rights Reporting

PDF icon Garima, Karia - When Words Can Do Justice - Assessing the Novel Relationship Between Legislative Drafting and Access to Administrative Justice in Yukon and Canada

PDF icon Chloe, Rourke - Autonomy and Expanded Access to Medical Assistance in Dying in Canada's Bill C7 - Moving Towards Substantive Liberty

PDF icon Emma Sitland - Accountability Gaps in International Justice: Can Corporations Be Held Accountable for Crimes Against Humanity in Xinjiang?

PDF icon Christoph Ivancic - Regulating the Metaverse of Ideas? Free Speech as a Triangle, New School Moderation, and the Algorithm in Canada

PDF icon Isabel Baltzan - Adopting Universal Design in Disability Policy: An Approach to Centering People with Disabilities

PDF icon Ashley Clark - Environmental Refugees:The Right to Have Rights

PDF icon Landry Kendra - Disability, Autonomy, and Social Inclusion - Supported Decision - Making and Canada's Reservation to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

PDF icon Hannah MacLean Reaburn - Approaches to Human Rights Work in Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations

PDF icon Bryce Lansdell - Living the Treaty Relationship: The Role of Courts in Treaty Revitalization Today

PDF icon Olivia Kostin-Cohen - From Flight to Flourishing: Enabling Displaced Talent Mobilization in Canada

PDF icon Taryn Wilkie - Peace by Meaningful Inclusion: The Impact of Women on Peacebuilding in Sri Lanka, Liberia, and Afghanistan

PDF icon Lopes Gabriela - The Interpersonal Sites of Systemic Perpetuation - How the Inheritance of Generational Trauma Has Culminated in a Global System of Exploitation

PDF icon Leonard Niamh - Breaking the Silence - The Path Towards Stronger Whistleblower Protection Laws in Canada

PDF icon McGaughey Clara - Girls’ Education and Climate Resilience in Sub-Saharan Africa’s Agricultural Sector

PDF icon Nutakor April Amanda - Reconciling the Tension between Indigenous Peoples’ Right to Culture through Land Use and the State’s Right to Development - An Examination of the African and Inter-American Human Rights Sys

PDF icon Pineau, Nicholas - Harm Reduction and Human Rights - Emphasizing the Dignity and Capabilities of People Who Use Drugs

PDF icon Cline, Johanna - Doubling Rent and Denying Dignity - The Affordable Housing Crisis in New Brunswick

PDF icon Federico Díaz Chacón - Participation Rights as Remedy for Systemic Discrimination in the Inter-American Court of Human Rights

PDF icon Alex Recher - What's the Harm CEDAW and the Relationship between HR and Culture

PDF icon Laurence LeBlanc - Anti-Politics Machine of Child Labour Abolition Discourse Marketing SDG Target 8.7


Summer 2020 - Volume 9

PDF icon Gabriela Lopes - The Ideology of Property Rights and the System it Created

PDF icon Nilani Ananthamoorthy - Stewart and the Struggle to Assess Complaints of Workplace Discrimination Against Persons with Addictions

PDF icon Maya Gunnarsson - Canada in Transitional Justice? Situating the Indian Day School Settlement Agreement on Canada's Pathway to Decolonization

PDF icon Sandrine Royer - Politiques migratoires restrictives: Les répercussions du cadre législatif migratoire péruvien sur les migrants vénézuéliennes

PDF icon Hanna Rioseco - The Promise and Peril of Biometrics in Delivering Humanitarian Aid

PDF icon Kayla Maria Rolland - COVID-19, 'Learn at Home' & Students with Disabilities in Ontario

PDF icon Marie-Denise Vane - Pourquoi le droit à l'égalité est insuffisant: Un plaidoyer pour la constitutionnalisation du droit au respect

PDF icon Gemma Dingwall - Welcome Home: Using Housing to Address Recidivism among Indigenous People in Canada

PDF icon Mahima Kapur - Consent, Creditability, and Coercion: Understanding Violence Against Women in Rural Haryana

PDF icon Jasmine Razavi - Santé mentale au travail: Les manquements de l'approche systémique au Québec

PDF icon Alice Jeon - The Long Road Towards a Prison Needle Exchange Program in Canada

PDF icon Andrea Sim - Barriers to Belonging: Navigating Approaches to Protecting Refugees' Access to Healthcare in Canada

PDF icon Sara Wright - Workplace Sexual Harassment in the Yukon: An Opportunity to Sustainably Change Workplace Culture

Summer 2019 - Volume 8

PDF icon Emma, Brown - Civic Space Indicators: Blurred Reflections

PDF icon Kelly O'Connor - Colombia’s Jurisdicción Especial para la Paz (JEP): An Effective Instrument of Transitional Justice

PDF icon Vanessa Di Feo - Corporate Social Responsibility Through the Lens of Investment Law: Will Any Solution Work Without the Rule of Law?

PDF icon Jennifer Lachance - Comment réconcilier l’enfant né du viol avec sa mère : les enfants coupables d’êtres nés

PDF icon Natalia Koper - Between Gender and Ethnicity: The Becoming of an Awajún Woman and Sexual Violence in Peru

PDF icon Bianca Braganza - The Illusion of Redress and Redistribution: South Africa, Namibia and Black Economic Empowerment

PDF icon Katrina Bland - Criminal Prosecutions as a Transitional Justice Mechanism in Post-Conflict Uganda: Responding to the Needs of Formerly Abducted Individuals

PDF icon Jessica Michelin - The Special Criminal Court in the Central African Republic: Progress and Challenges for the Hybrid Tribunal

PDF icon Derek Pace - Service and Subordination: Human Rights Perspectives on the Domestic Work Sector in the United Arab Emirates

PDF icon Riley Klassen-Molyneaux - Doing Good and Feeling Good: A Critical Analysis of NGO Research

PDF icon Félix-Antoine Pelletier - Moroccan Penal Code: To Fast or Not to Fast

PDF icon Samantha Backman - The Right to Legal Capacity for Canadians with Disabilities: A Quest for Dignity, Equality, and Autonomy

PDF icon Kayla Miguez - Approaches to Strengthening Access to Healthcare in a Rural British Columbian Context: Harnessing Voice and Lived-Experience

PDF icon Eva Monteiro - Amnestysia: On the intersection of amnesty and truth- seeking in pursuit of national reconciliation under the shadow of the 2020 elections in Côte d’Ivoire

PDF icon Jeremy Pizzi - A Prosthesis for a Limbless Giant: Proposing an Improved Model for Arrest Warrant Enforcement at the ICC

PDF icon Kirstie Russell - “God Is Not Dead, At Least Not Here”: Ethical Understanding as a Basis for Improving Engagement Between Multilateral Health Organizations and Faith-based Organizations

PDF icon Kathleen Barera - The Philippines’ War on Drugs (Read: The Poor): The Erosion of the Rule of Law and the Violation of Children’s Human Rights

PDF icon Julia Green - Faith-Based Organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa: Negatives, Positives, and Recommendations for Effective Promotion of Human Rights

PDF icon Adelise Lalande - Access Denied: Business, Human Rights, and Networked Authoritarianism in Cambodia

PDF icon Linda Muhugusa - Tourism as a Tool of Human Development: A Double-Edged Sword for The Gambia

Summer 2018 - Volume 7

PDF icon Rose Adams - Gladue, Ipeelee and the Justice System’s Bias against Indigenous People: The Story of Sasktachewan and How We Can Change Its Ending

PDF icon Elisabeth Beauchamp - Désinstitutionnalisation des personnes âgées: une approche comparée avec les personnes handicapées

PDF icon Alicia Blimkie - Crime and Poverty: Criminalization and Empowerment of the Poor in the Philippines

PDF icon Allen Brett Campeau - Indigenous Rights, Collective Responsibilities, and Relationship To Land In Haudenosaunee and Anishinaabe “Dish With One Spoon” Territory

PDF icon Alix Genier - La déclaration des nations unies sur les droits des paysans et des autres personnes travaillant dans les zones rurales: un instrument ambitieux, audacieux, mais faible…?

PDF icon Sara Gold - Somos Americanos? The Potential of the Inter-American Human Rights System for Indigenous Justice in Canada

PDF icon Guillaume Lebrun-Petel - Une « crise » à résoudre : décentralisation et politique de développement de la petite enfance au Sénégal

PDF icon Magnus Manhart - “Backpack Refugee Rights Lawyering” in Greece: Access to Justice through Legal Empowerment

PDF icon Nicole Maylor - A Modern Gordian Knot: Identifying Creative Solutions to Economic Policy, Poverty and Piracy in the Philippines

PDF icon Renaude Morin - Quel droit au travail pour les jeunes au Maroc? Leçons des revendications au droit au travail des jeunes diplômés chômeurs

PDF icon Francesca Nardi - Bridging the Gap: Reconciling Feminist and Disability Perspectives on Prenatal Screening

PDF icon Caroline Schurman-Grenier - Plastic Pollution as a Violation of the Right to a Healthy Environment in the African Charter of Human and People’s Rights

PDF icon Maia Stevenson - Technologically- Facilitated Violence Against Women and Girls: The Canadian Compromise

PDF icon Charlotte Vimont - Restriction, Unfairness, Hostility or The Restraint to the Right of Asylum: A Deviation from the Founding Principle of France

PDF icon Yulia Yugay - Legislative Barriers to Security and Dignity of Women in Kenya

Summer 2017 - Volume 6

PDF icon Julia Bellehumeur - Countering Disbelief in Sexual Assault Laws

PDF icon Monika Erzsebet Berenyi - Towards Inclusive Security and Durable Peace: Enabling Space for Women’s Formal Participation in Peace Processes

PDF icon Sarah Cha - Deconstructing Human Trafficking and Victimization: A Reshaping of Canadian Discourses and Policies

PDF icon Taylor Gillespie - Towards a Level Playing Field: The right to sport for persons with disabilities as a tool to facilitate development

PDF icon Anastasia Greenberg - Is Talk Cheap? Empirical Approaches to Assessing the Impact of Human Rights Advocacy Organizations

PDF icon Rebecca Jones - Breaking Down the Walls: Coordinating Legal and Extra-Legal Strategies to Abolish Solitary Confinement in Canada

PDF icon Nathalie Laflamme - The Right to No Rite: Ending Female Genital Mutilation Through Human Rights Education Practices

PDF icon Caroline Lavoie - Morocco’s Equity and Reconciliation Commission & the Restoration of Dignity

PDF icon David Matyas - Short Circuit: A Failing Technology for Administering Justice in Nunavut

PDF icon Jillian Ohayon - Following the Herd: The Influence of Religion and National Identity on Antigay Sentiment in Uganda

PDF icon Sara Pierre - Human Rights Violations and Accusations of Witchcraft in Ghana

PDF icon Kevin Pinkoski - Managing Diversity for Development: A comparative study of cultural diversity and development in Namibia and Canada

PDF icon Talia Ralph - Towards True Food Systems Sustainability: Protecting Food Labourers’ Rights in A Food Policy for Canada

PDF icon Andrew Rintoul - Civil Society as the Point of Departure: Repression, Resilience and Robustness in Cambodia

PDF icon Sarah-Grace Ross - Finance for Health: Closing the HIV Funding Gap

Summer 2016 - Volume 5

PDF icon Nour Saadi - La volonté politique et la capacité nationale : Le massacre du 28 septembre et la Cour pénale internationale

PDF icon Fiona Cooke - Alternative Sanctions for International Crimes: Considering the Colombian Model

PDF icon Shaké Sarkhanian - Diplomatic Spaces, Indigenous Voices, and Equity in a Shifting Paradigm of Global Governance

PDF icon Nigah Awj - Right of a child with disabilities to NOT be institutionalized

PDF icon Alexander Agnello - Extrajudicial Killings and Human Rights Education in the Philippines

PDF icon Amanda Arella - Murky Waters: Evaluating the Role of Campaign Ships on the High Seas

PDF icon Antoine Beauchemin - Homosexualité au Maroc post-2011 : possibilités d’émancipation dans un décor couvert d’obstacles

PDF icon Blake Connell - Is it Really ‘All for One and One for All’? The Strengths and Weaknesses of the ‘LGBTI’ Label in Australian Rights Advocacy

PDF icon André Moreau - Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights in Uganda: Overcoming Barriers in the Pursuit of Justice, Equity and Prosperity

PDF icon André Capretti - Human Rights, Rule of Law and Democracy in Post-Conflict Cambodia: Failures of the Paris Peace Agreement and Promises for Cambodia’s Future

PDF icon Jacinthe Dion - Falling Through the Cracks: Canadian Indigenous Children with Disabilities

PDF icon Amelia Philpott - Revisioning a Restorative Justice Response to the Crisis of Indigenous Overrepresentation in the Canadian Criminal Justice System

PDF icon Émilie de Haas - A Commitment to Reconciliation: Canada’s Next Steps in the Post-TRC Phase

PDF icon Rachel Kohut - ‘War on Drugs’—or on Pregnant Women who Use Drugs? Situating Russia and Canada in Global Drug Policy

Summer 2015 - Volume 4

PDF icon Michel Bélanger-Roy - Objectifs du Millénaire et droits humains: Prendre la mesure du progrès

PDF icon Frédérique St-Jean - La culture comme alliée du discours féministe: une étude de la situation tunisienne

PDF icon Sarah Chenevert-Beaudoin - Susciter l'empathie pour lutter contre les violations des droits de la personne: Perspectives critiques

PDF icon Jessica De Santi - "Dancing is for everybody": Street dance and cultural rights in Montreal

PDF icon Olivier Beaubien - Légitimité du Commentaire général no. 1 du Comité sur les droits des personnes handicapées

PDF icon Dominic Bell - Alcoholism in the North: Conceptualizing the Agency in Crime


Summer 2014 - Volume 3

Arielle Corobow - A New Vision for Human Rights Education in Quebec High Schools

Amélia Couture - The Politics of International Justice: the Security Council’s Impact on the Independence, Effectiveness and Legitimacy of the International Criminal Court

Jacinthe Poisson - Indigenous collective property: comparative study of the Canadian and the Inter-American systems

  Iñaki Navarrete "Démanteler les obstacles invalidants: Handicap mental et réparations habilitantes à la Cour interaméricaine des droits de l’homme" [.pdf] Published in the Revue québécoise de droit international 28.2 (2015)

Nicolas Aubin - Revisiting the (Hi)story: the Role of High School History Education in our Inability to Understand Environmental Challenges

Suzanne Zaccour - « C’est la faute à la culture! » Critique de la culturalisation du harcèlement de rue au Cameroun

Veaceslav Balan - Human Rights, Human Rights Based Approach, Empowerment and Development: Case Study Of Moldova and its Broader Lessons

Prophète Arbouet - Restavèk and Access to Justice

Matthias Heilke - Thinking Small: The Possibilities of Tort Law in Strategic Litigation for the Right to Health

Kyle Best - The Development of Piracy Law in West Africa & the Institutions Underpinning Counter-Piracy Efforts

Summer 2013 - Volume 2

PDF icon Angela Slater - Traditional Legal Institutions through a Rule of Law Lens: the Chieftaincy in Ghana

PDF icon Emily Hazlett - Disability Rights in a post-Convention Era: Protecting Legal Capacity at the European Court and Beyond

PDF icon Laura Rhodes - Supplementary Governance by Business for Human Rights Protection in Resource-Based Conflict

PDF icon Diya Bouchedid - Le système de contrôle international des drogues et les Droits de l’homme: Cohésion ou Confrontation?

PDF icon Audrey Mocle - Reshaping the Bad Barrel: Strategies for Human Rights Organizations to Mitigate the Situational and Systemic Forces Influencing Corporate Human Rights Abuse

PDF icon Lipi Mishra - Medicine and Marginalization: How Intellectual Property Laws Provide a “Generic” Solution to a Grave Human Rights Problem

PDF icon David Nugent - Recent Amendments to Nunavut’s Liquor Act: A Sensible Approach to Alcohol-Related Harm?

PDF icon Charlotte-Anne Malischewski - Where the Exception is the Norm: The Production of Statelessness in India

Summer 2012 - Volume 1

Éloïse Ouellet-Décoste. Forced Evictions & Grassroots Resistance in Phnom Penh: Lessons for advancing the rule of law in weak and captured states.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n1-ouellet-decoste.pdf

Jacqueline Madden. Engaging with Customary Law in Timor-Leste: Approaches to Increasing Women’s Access to Justice.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n2-madden.pdf

Anne-Claire Gayet. Contexts of Structural Discrimination in the Jurisprudence of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights.
Read it:  2013_ihri_wps_v1n3-gayet.pdf

Chris Durrant. “None of that Paper Stuff Works”: An Anti-Essentialist and Anti-Colonial Analysis of Efforts to End Domestic Assault in Nunavut.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n4-durrant.pdf

Melissa Austen. The Unfinished Philippine Juvenile Justice Puzzle: the Missing Normative Piece to Restorative Youth Justice Legislation.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n6-austen.pdf

Jeanne Mageau-Taylor. La question LGBT au Cameroun: Réflexions sur la criminalisation des pratiques homosexuelles et sur ses effets.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n7_mageau-taylor.pdf

Will Collish. The International Criminal Court in Guinea: A Case Study of Complementarity.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n8-collish.pdf

Molly Joeck. Gender Inequality and NGOs in Africa.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n10-joeck.pdf

Edward Béchard-Torres. Finding Their Way by Conceptualizing Their Role: Court Orders and Social Rights in South Africa.
Read it: 2013_ihri_wps_v1n11-bechardtorres.pdf

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