Since its founding in 2005, members of the Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism have been engaged in a wide range of interdisciplinary research that spans international law, humanitarian law, constitutional and statutory human rights, critical theory and human rights and the ways in which legal pluralism, informal norms and customs intersect with human rights. 

The dynamism and intellectual diversity of our community of scholars and thinkers provides a fertile environment for collaborative and innovative research. The current main thematic areas of research of CHRLP members are: 

  1. Transnational Human Rights, Justice and Governance
  2. Mobility, Migration and Sustainable Development
  3. Indigenous Governance and Legal Traditions
  4. Legal Theory and Cultural Legal Pluralism
  5. Gender Justice
  6. Health, Environment and Policy
  7. Constitutionalism and Human Rights
  8. Diversity, Inclusion and Access to Justice
  9. Peace and Conflict, Laws of War, and Emerging Global Orders

These themes are a dynamic work-in-progress overview and showcase some of the expansive research agenda of our members.

To learn more about our thematic areas of research, CHRLP researchers, and current projects undertaken at the CHRLP, please visit our Areas of Research and Current Projects page. For information about past research projects, visit our Past Projects page. 

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