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Over the years, the CHRLP has organized a multitude of seminars, talks and annual conferences as part of its mission to provide students, professors and the wider community with a forum to critically engage with how law impacts upon some of the compelling modern social problems.

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Tenth Anniversary Dialogues in Human Rights and Legal Pluralism Series

To celebrate the Centre's tenth anniversary, we have launched a series of dialogues between members of the Centre on human rights and legal pluralism, to be held over two years. These Dialogues are being filmed, both to capture this moment-in-time in the intellectual life of the Centre, and to serve as pedagogical tools both within the University and beyond. 

Dialogue 1: Revisiting Legal Pluralism

Between René Provost & Frédéric Mégret, Colleen Sheppard moderating

Dialogue 2: Migration and Transnational Labour

Between Adelle Blackett & François Crépeau, Megan Bradley moderating

Dialogue 3: The Role of Laws in Religion, Family and Community

Between Vrinda Narain & Shauna van Praagh, Angela Campbell moderating

Dialogue 4: Canadian and Global Perspectives on Criminal Justice 

Between Alana Klein & Marie Manikis, Payam Akhavan moderating

Dialogue 5: Reflections on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action

Between Kirsten Anker & Mark Antaki, Ronald Niezen moderating.

Dialogue 6: Conceptual Engagement with Justice and Pluralism

Between Jacob Levy & Catherine Lu, Daniel Weinstock moderating.

Dialogue 7: Rethinking Governance

Between Victor Muniz-Fraticelli & Evan Fox-Decent, David Howes moderating.

Dialogue 8: Voices from the Field

Between Pearl Eliadis & Aristide Nononsi, Derek Jones moderating