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Over the years, the CHRLP has organized a multitude of seminars, talks and annual conferences as part of its mission to provide students, professors and the wider community with a forum to critically engage with how law impacts upon some of the compelling modern social problems.

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Academic Freedom and the Rule of Law

RevDem Podcast, 8 March 2021

CEU RemDev Podcast - Review of Democracy

Professor Nandini Ramanujam (McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism) discusses the connection between academic freedom and the Rule of Law, contemporary and historical challenges, and prospects for the future with Professor Oliver Garner (Bingham Centre for the Rule of Law). The RemDev podcast is an initiative of the Review of Democracy, Democracy Institute, Central European University.

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In Small Places Close to Home

To the Righthouse Podcast, 14 March 2022

To The Righthouse Podcast, Global Campus of Human Rights

In episode 2 of the series, Professor Nandini Ramanujam (McGill Centre for Human Rights and Legal Pluralism) discusses the following topic:

Whose values? Whose experience? Are human rights inclusive?
Value-based objections to human rights are commonly stated with reference to culture and/or religion. They may further be linked with a claim that human rights are shaped by and express distinctly Western values.

The perception of a certain degree of incompatibility between human rights standards and prevailing cultural norms is widespread and not adequately answered by arguments at the theoretical level. While cultural traditions indeed are dynamic and shaped both by external influences and internal contestations, it must by the same token be acknowledged that value transformations happen slowly and that points of friction between local values and international human rights norms cannot be overcome all at once.

It therefore makes sense for human rights advocates to ask themselves how to react in practical terms to such concerns and focus on preventing the most egregious abuses while seeking to find points of compatibility that bring human rights close to home.

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